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July 26, 2016 | East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Seafood, West Jakarta

Layar Seafood in Pesanggrahan has been open for more 6 months now, but people are still crowding the place and parking can take up more than half of the street in front of the restaurant during lunch/dinner, especially at weekends. Is this Surabaya-based seafood place really that good? A few weeks ago, we decided to have lunch there with several friends. We got there as soon as they opened and easily got a parking space. The restaurant is spacious and nicely decorated, with an outdoor seating area at the back section of the restaurant that I think is reserved for smoking area.


The menu book is extensive, but since it was just the four of us, we only ordered ikan kuwe bakar (grilled giant trevally fish) 660gr (@15.5K/100gr), kepiting jumbo jantan (jumbo sized male crab) 570gr (@41K/100gr) cooked in chili sauce, udang api rebus (boiled speckled shrimp) 58K, pakis asap (smoked fern leaves) 38.5K, kerang bambu (bamboo clam) 46.5K to eat with rice.

At the far corner of the restaurant, there’s a self-service condiment bar, so I got several kinds of chili sauces including my favorite, the shallot chili sauce. After some time, our dishes arrived one by one. First was the boiled shrimp. The portion was surprisingly small and even though it tasted good, the effort to peel off the shell from such a small shrimp almost feel too much. Next was the chili crab and it was delicious. The menu states that the chili crab comes with fried mantou. We usually like to order that to clean the chili crab sauce. The promised mantao came much later than the crab and it was only 1 piece so we had to order another portion of it. Next came the grilled fish, pakis asap and the clam. All tasted delicious but I can’t help noticing that all of these dishes were heavily loaded with sauces so the taste was quite overpowering for me.


  • layar-seafood-condiment
  • ikan-kue-bakar-layar-seafood
  • kepiting-jumbo-layar-seafood
  • kerang-bambu-layar-seafood
  • pakis-asap-layar-seafood
  • udang-api-rebus-layar-seafood

All in all, we spent about 650K for those dishes. I think it was quite pricey and doesn’t really meet the level of satisfaction we usually get from eating seafood. It is a nice (and clean) place to treat your business acquaintances, but if I want a satisfying meal, I still prefer Aroma Sop Seafood or Cabe Ijo in Muara Karang. These places are much more satisfying, not to mention cheaper, and we don’t have to face the difficulty of driving out of the place as the parking area was already full when we finished.

Layar Seafood
Jl. Pesanggrahan No.80
West Jakarta
Phone. +62(21) 58907223

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    The chili crab looks awesome. Can’t wait to try it. wonder whats the different between the Indo and Singapore chili crab…

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