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October 16, 2012 | Central jakarta, Closed, French Cuisine, JAKARTA, With Pork

There’s a new restaurant called Moovina opening at Plaza Indonesia. As it’s a part of the Svarna Group that also manages Ocha & Bella restaurant, my curiosity was piqued. Located next to Pandan Village restaurant on the 3rd floor, there are two entrances for the restaurant: Le Jardin Moovina at 3rd floor and Mezzanine Moovina on the 4th floor. Both areas were joined with a circular stairs inside the restaurant. So I went there for lunch and I really like the look & feel of Le Jardin Moovida. Designed to look like a fancy French garden with real plants, it created a casual & romantic ambience. There are balcony seatings, which I suspect is the designated smoking area, but nevertheless it surely has a good view and a perfect place for dinner.


After my friend arrived, we decided to order. I skipped the appetizer and went right to the main course and opted for their recommended menu Vol-au-vent de fruits de mer (assorted seafood stew in white wine cream sauce served in puff pastry crust) 90k while my friends ordered moovina burger (braised beef cheek, foie gras and onion compote served in black pepper bon) 95K and lasagne (traditional baked lasagne with minced beef, tomato sauce and parmigiano) 80K. Without having to wait too long, our meals arrived. My vol au vent came with a big prawn on stick. The pastry crust looked a bit “unstable” due to the generous filling and it was drenched with the sauce. The sauce tasted a tad too salty, although the seafood was fresh. I didn’t try the lasagna, but I did have a little bit of my friend’s foie gras & beef cheek, both were superb. The foie gras size was generous and the beef cheek was tender. She enjoyed it very much. Overall, there were some hits and misses with the food, but the service was flawless. I haven’t tried the dessert yet, so I’ll be back for more.

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Le Jardin Moovina
Plaza Indonesia 3rd Flr. #119
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta
ph +62 (21) 2992 3999

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  • Tia

    Next time you visit, you should try the Nougat Glace for the dessert! Highly recommended!

  • Rubs

    The vol au vent has the best appearance but worst taste. While the burger looks plain, but stood out the most. Well noted!

  • diana

    i love the chocolate martini

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