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July 30, 2008 | Balinese Cuisine, Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Rice

Le Seminyak

We found a restaurant called Le Seminyak that serves Balinese dishes in Pacific Place Mall. As we’re quite fond of Balinese cuisine, we decided to try it. The place is spacious, with high ceilings and nicely decorated. We ordered their Nasi Campur Bali (steamed rice topped with a seasonal mix of vegetables, meats, satay and sambal) 32.8K and Cram Cam (Balinese traditional chicken soup) 22.8K. In my opinion, the dish was not as good as the decoration. It was decent, but they still need a lot of improvements before they can be compared with the “real thing” 🙁

Le Seminyak

Le Seminyak
Pacific Place, Lt.5, unit 38
Central Jakarta
ph: +62(21) 514 00610

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One thought

  • Tjing2

    I’ve been there, and fortunately the owner is my parent’s friend s’s son..So, after met him, we told him and gave him the ‘truth’ comments. Overall the presentation were quite nice, only as the taste wasn’t exactly genuine. They’re suppose to be more spicy, full of herbs as Bali cuisines normally very rich in herbs, specially the Sambal Matah, which is according to my taste bud was toooo plain…No kick at all..sorry to say, i’d rather having the sambal matah at Koko Bogana. Their tumis pucuk daun labu were so-so, The bebek goreng according to my hubby wasn’t crispy enough, the urap also so-so..Once again, overall we enjoy eating there coz the ambience are quite unique & cozy but for the food still need improvement. Btw, one of the dessert which is ketan pulut hitam with ice cream is worth trying..something different.

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