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May 12, 2006 | Western Cuisine

Lezzzaat : Restoran Eropah ala jepang

2 days ago, I had lunch at “Lezzzaat” – Bank Permata basement. This place have an indoor and semi outdoor place to eat. They served European Cuisine cooked in Japanese Style. on arrival, each of us got a wet towel for refreshment (cool). we ordered Salmon Steak (grilled salmon with tomato and butter sauce) 51.9K, Gindara Fry Taru Taru (fried fish with boiled egg mayonnaise sauce) 41.5K, and Spaghetti Calamarinero (squid with cuttlefish ink and potato sauce) 39.8K. Since the drink were so expensive (20K for coke, 18K for Aqua), we decided to ordered their lunch package 16K which consist of soup of the day (minestrone), tea/coffee, and choice of fruit/pineapple sherbet.

Lezzzaat : Restoran Eropah ala jepang

Restoran Eropa ala Jepang

Permata Bank Tower Basement
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 27
Jakarta 12920
phone & fax +62(21) 250-0528

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  • Ak

    Wah tepat di sebelah kantor saya. Ternyata memang restoran mahal, tapi tampaknya menarik untuk sekali-sekali ke sana.
    Biasanya ke Gedung Permata langsung ke belakang, Kantin Koperasi. HeHeHe.

  • Jenz

    eh iya.. di kantin koperasi di gedung permata makanannya lumayan enak2 juga 🙂

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