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November 15, 2006 | Chinese Cuisine

2 weeks ago, We visited this restaurant at La Piazza Kelapa Gading. Loy Kee is originally from Singapore and claimed to be the best chicken rice restaurant. The place was very crowded when we arrived, so we decided to hang out at Tea Gallery first and returned an hour later. We ordered: “friendly plate” (for 2 person) 40K, which consists of 2 bowls of hainanese chicken rice, a plate of hainanese and roasted chicken, stir-fried vegetables and 2 bowl of clear soup. The hainanese chicken rice was quite different from what I had tasted before. It used long grain rice, so the resulting chicken rice was not sticky or oily at all. The chicken was only so so, but the worst part was the service. Our drinks didn’t arrive until we almost finished our meal, and we had to ask several times for our tea and chilly sauce.

Loy Kee
La Piazza Ground Floor
Jl. Bulevar Kelapa Gading Blok M
Kelapa Gading Permai
Jakarta 14240

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  • Reza

    Gue dah kesana sih beberapa kali. I like the rice and the chicken is alright i guess. A bit on the expensive side i guess. The service can get pretty bad, i guess you just have to keep on nagging to get your order or they don’t serve you. Where do you think is the best place for Chicken Rice Jen? Yang halal tapi ya.

  • jenz

    Slama ini yang paling enak gw makan sih nasi hainam & bakmi ayam di RM Kumango – Medan… beberapa toko dari supermarket buah brastagi 🙂

  • Wika

    Salam kenal buat Jen..
    aku kebetulan ‘ketemu’ blog kamu.. gara-garanya lagi cari alamat beberapa tempat makan, eh, malah dapet infonya dari blog kamu..
    OK banget lho blog-nya..!! aku jadi keterusan lihat2 review makanan, buku, tempat2, dllnya.. awesome!! Makasih juga, aku jadi dapet informasi dari review-review kamu.. I hope you don’t mind having me reading your blog.. Thanks for sharing your experiences and journeys.. 🙂

  • ratna

    Jenz, setuju bgt dg komentarnya tentang Loy Kee. Gua nyoba Loy kee krn penasaran kok dia rame terus, dan krn rekomendasi Elisa. Ternyata… biasa aja. 🙂

  • helena

    Hai Jenz,salam kenal.
    Iya tuh, waktu pas baru2 buka, aku kesana krn sampe rela antri.trus aku sempet liat websitenya jg kyknya yummy bgt tuh rice chicken.
    Tau nya sih : rasanya biasa aja ya.
    Trus aku sempet pesen bubur ayamnya. ih, encer banget.
    Mie nya juga aneh rasanya 😛
    Kesan pertama : nunggu makanan keluar kok lama bgt ya. bisa 30-45 menit kalo ga salah. alamak. ga kebayang tuh orang2 yang masih rela antri,bisa kelaperan duluan. hehehe…

  • anynomous

    You guyz could try loykee now, they seems have improved a lot on their services and food 😀

  • rain

    i think the food was okay and service was fine though the price was a lil bit unreasonable.
    but guess what…., i went there again last week and the friendly pack for 2 became IDR 55,000 from IDR 40,000.
    aiyoooooo, too much yaar….
    kata orang jawa “koe mau jualan apa rampok?”
    wont go back again. even the SGD3 chicken rice on some foodcourts in sg is much much better.

  • Hanjaya Tan

    Sorry, I don’t this place has the best Hainam Chicken. My mom makes much better Hainam chicken rice than this one. I think the so called Singapore Hainam chicken rice is over rated. Fyi, the chicken rice at JL. Semarang Medan is much better than this one.

  • annette

    hey i really like this blog, i had a great time reading thru it..have to say Loy kee is one of the worst hainan chicken rice place i have been to..the service was crap and the chicken was crap too..the rice was ok!!!
    you need to check out this place also in kelapa gading called Kaca Mata..its know for their specialty of Chasio Garing madu…its soooooo good!!

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