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May 23, 2011 | Central jakarta, International Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, With Pork

Luna Negra
Two weeks ago, SC and I visited a restaurant called Luna Negra at Plaza Bapindo for late lunch. The interior of Luna Negra had a nice bistro look, spacious, high ceiling with ‘old’ classic pattern tiles, several fake trees, exposed brick wall and a big glass wall on the other side. Usually, Italian eateries provide their guests with complimentary bread with butter/olive oil/balsamic dipping (Il pane), but we didn’t get anything here 🙁 It is supposed to be an Italian eatery, but it turned out that Luna Negra also serves a selection of Spanish & Asian dishes.

We started by ordering drinks, I ordered Lemonance mocktails (fresh lemon chunk, blueberry jam, syrup, lemon juice and apple juice) 25K, while SC ordered Luna Ice Tea (black tea, black grass jelly, sugarcane stick served with fresh mint leaf) 25K. Both of the drinks were delicious, but I think SC’s Luna Ice Tea tasted better and it was served in a larger glassware. The lemonance mocktail was actually quite good, but I think it contained too much shaved ice, so I quickly ran out of my drink and had to stole SC’s *grin*

Luna Ice Tea and Lemonance Mocktail

For pizza we went with quattro stagioni (cooked ham, sausages, artichokes, mushrooms, tomato sauce and mozarella) 88K. When it came, the pizza was quite runny, but not as runny as the one at Ocha & Bella. The pizza was divided into four sections, with one ingredient for each section, so one section contains mushroom, where another section has artichokes, then sausages and ham. The taste was delicious, I especially liked the artichokes section. It taste a bit sour and the flavor reminds me of a mild version of kecombrang :D. We only finished half of the pizza to save place for the dessert, so we asked the rest to be packed for takeaway.

Luna Negra Quattro Stagioni

For dessert, we asked the waiter what is their speciality for dessert and he said melted chocolate cake. So we ordered that to share. Since chocolate melt is one of our favorite desserts, we’re really hoping this one would be good. From the presentation, it certainly looked promising, with a nice round shape and accompanied by vanilla ice cream. When sliced, the melted chocolate oozed out smoothly. Very tasty! But, after several spoons of the cake, I began to feel bloated and couldn’t finish the dessert. I didn’t know what caused this since we didn’t even finish our pizza. But surely, If I have a chance to visit this place again, I would pick a lighter dessert.

Luna Negra Melted Chocolate Cake

Overall, this is quite a decent Italian eatery. I can’t say anything about their Asian menus coz I didn’t bother to try it. Luna Negra is quite pricey, but that’s what you get in a place that sells the atmosphere along with the food. Their service could be improved though. The waiter who took our orders seemed impatient and rather be someplace else when we asked him about their dishes and specialties. Also, the smoking section is too close to the non-smoking section.

Luna Negra
Plaza Bapindo, Citibank Bulding, GF
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 54-44
South Jakarta 12190
ph. +62 21 29950077
fx: +62 21 29950078

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  • ponk

    Try their tom yum!

  • alidz

    Jenz, aku juga suka bgt chocolate melt, hehe.. btw yang disini chocolate meltnya harganya berapa yaa? cek ke websitenya lagi under construction. thanksss! 🙂

  • admin

    @alidz: harga chocolate meltnya IDR 48++, tp yg baru2 ini gw coba dan lumayan enak chocolate meltnya itu di Ocha & Bella 🙂

  • riri

    utk price range nya berapa yah?
    soalnya ada rencana gathering kantor disana..

  • Dina

    Salah satu resto favorite…harganya agak pricey tp porsinya agak besardan enak

  • admin

    @Dina: Sudah pernah coba Sopra di Pacific Place? IMO, pizza-nya Sopra lebih enak daripada Luna Negra.

  • elisa

    Baru nyoba Luna Negra setelah baca review.. Cream cheese Gnochi nya mengecewakan. Too bad ga nyoba pizza nya. Maybe next time..
    But, thanks for the review!

  • Billy

    Their service quite dissapointed, agree with you jen. My waitress gave us “Do not ask me for anything more!” look. The chocolate cake was nice, but their pasta isn’t that great.

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