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November 15, 2009 | Chinese Cuisine, Closed, CUISINE, Rice

One Friday evening, we were looking for the ATM center in Grand Indonesia when I noticed a restaurant called Macau Che Jian next to the ATM center. After scanning the menu, we decided to go inside and get a seat. This restaurant serves Macaunese cuisine which is quite different from the usual Chinese cuisine because of the Portuguese influence. One of their specialties is Macau baked rice. It’s rice topped with chicken or seafood then covered with tomato/cheese/Macau sauce and then baked. That evening, I ordered Macau baked rice with chicken and macau sauce 27.5K. The taste was quite unique because Macau sauce tasted a bit like curry sauce, but not too spicy. The portion was moderate with reasonable price 🙂
Macau Che Jian

Macau Che Jian
Grand Indonesia (West Mall – Entertainment District)
MH.Thamrin No.1 3A Floor ED 1 – 10
ph. +62(21) 2358 0844

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  • Elisa

    Kejunya bau susu? gak kebayang rasanya biasa kan keju lebih cocok ama kentang ya?

  • herlina

    as i know,the yellow sauce is the blended pumpkin mixed with cheese n milk, that’s why the taste is so special n unique. u may the this menu at cozi cafe located at pluit raya, they serve a very good taste of macau baked rice.

  • bicil

    ini sejenis sama baked ricenya yang HK punya?

  • V

    Keju dan nasi enak kok. Misalnya Risotto.

  • novi

    ada tulisan halalnya g Jen? pengen coba macau baked rice-nya. enak kyknya:D

  • jenz

    ngga inget Nov, tapi seinget gw menunya ngga ada yang mengandung ibab. mungkin bisa ditelpon langsung ke restonya. 🙂

  • morz

    kynya enak, boleh nih samperin kpn2. great reviews btw, keep it up.

  • Tjing2

    Last week been there to try their Macau sauce bake tasted like curry bit spicy, so far acceptable as my hubby’s comment ;-)..I also tried their Jumbo box honey with ice cream which was a humongous white bread, the white parts had been taken out so it only left the square shape skin bread as the box fill with small squares cubes of french toast..drizzled with honey and top with ice cream…it taste unique tough! I like em!…Their honey ginger lemon tea was sooo thirst quencher..

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