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June 13, 2012 | Beverages, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Medan

Macehat Coffee Medan

When in Medan last March, we have a chance to visit Macehat Coffee located at Jl. Karo. Macehat Coffee offers high quality, roasted-to-order Sumatran Mandheling coffee. They have various ranges of coffee beans such as: Sumatran Luwak (civet), Gourmet, Peaberry and Top 20. So I ordered several bags of Sumatran top 20 & Peaberry. While waiting for the coffee bean to be roast, I sat at the cafe and ordered a single shot Macchiato 15K with a portion of croquette 15K and ubi goreng (fried cassava) 15K. Both the coffee and finger food tasted excellent. After that, I take a walk at the back of the stores and saw a big roasting machine and several busy workers sorting the coffee beans. I also saw quite a devastating view. Two luwaks behind cages, looking like they’re kept there solely to produce coffee bean feces. I make a note to not order/buy any Luwak coffee ever since.


The (non-luwak) coffee bean I ordered proved so good that a week later, after I returned to Jakarta, I placed another order for their Sumatran Gourmet and Peaberry to share with friends. It’s a different type of souvenir from Medan if you’re bored with bringing back bika ambon, bolu gulung or durian.

Macehat Coffee
Jl. Karo No.20
Medan – North Sumatra 20112
ph. +62 (61) 4529944

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  • V

    Gue juga. Di FB ada bbrp temen yg jualan Kopi Luwak trus pasang foto2 Luwak. Aduh, kata gue mah gak beda sama beruang2 yg diambil empedunya itu 🙁

  • Leo

    Ah, they changed the cup.

    For coffee beans they’re still my favorite. They made the best latte in town and I was avid customer back then when the business just grew and quality was top concern until sadly they’ve stopped producing fresh cow milk and used commercial brand in trade for convenience.

    That’s a huge impact for me when the taste gone wrong and decided to just buy the beans and diy.

  • admin

    @Leo: mmmm… Maksudnya foto cangkir yg ke 2? Itu hasil ngopi2 di rumah kok, bukan di Macehatnya 🙂

  • leo

    haha…pantesan gw heran koq tiba2 mereka ganti cup kaya di kok tong :p

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