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April 30, 2011 | Central jakarta, Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA

I’m always excited whenever I saw new restaurants with cool concepts (interior or food). So, when I saw this new place called ‘Mad for Garlic’ 2 weeks ago, I instantly wanted to try it. We walked in one night just to check, but it turned out that the restaurant is serving Italian food (at first I thought it were a Korean restaurant). The menu seemed interesting, but the place was full, so we decided to return some other day.

So, several days ago, We went here for an early lunch. As the restaurant was just opening and we’re the first customer, we can pick where we wanted to sit. The restaurant’s interior looked like a cozy high-end bistro, with lots of garlic decor on lamp covers to match the theme. From the napkins on the table, we found out that Mad for Garlic is managed by the same company that manages Tony Roma’s.

Mad for Garlic

So, for appetizer, we chose Dracula Killer (soft bread served with garlic cooked with olive oil and anchovies) 45K. It was served in an escargot platter, but instead of escargot, there were garlic drenched in oil. The waiter who served us asked if we wanted some cheese on top of the platter. Of course we said yes, although we’re not really sure what the cheese type is. The bread was sliced to resembled a sandwich where we can slip the garlic in and eat it like a sandwich. It was delicious, but the garlic taste was somewhat muted, not as strong as raw ones.

Mad For Garlic - Dracula Killer

After that, came our main order. At first I wanted to order ‘mixed cheese pizza’ (4 kinds of pizza/ quatro formagi), but when I asked our waiter what kind of cheese they put in the pizza, he hastily informed me that this kind of pizza was not available. So what we ordered was ‘Garlic Snowing Pizza’ (Mad for Garlic’s special sweet garlic pizza topped with shrimp and pineapple dices) 115K. The pizza looked like a decent thin crust Italian pizza with Korean style topping. The waiter suggested us to roll the pizza slice before we eat it. It was delicious if you like sweet pizza, plus some surprises if you get a whole garlic between bites.

Mad For Garlic - Garlic Snowing Pizza

Overall, I think this place is worth to try, though quite pricey. However, don’t come here expecting to get authentic Italian dishes cause it’s an Italian restaurant with a Korean twist 🙂

Mad For Garlic
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall, Ground Floor 20A
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
Jakarta 10310

ph. +62 21 2358 1076
fx. +62 21 2358 1079

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  • gfgl

    Looks like exciting and worth a try ^^

  • Rubs

    Hmm. The last line sums it all. There’s a growing number of fusion resto lately eh?
    Italian-Jap like OchaBella, and now MadforGarlic with Italian-Korea. Hmmm

  • Dina

    Too pricey for all those tasteless food, i tried 5 kinds of menus…won’t come back

  • Iko

    I tried the garlic fried rice, because it was one of the ‘chef’s recommendations’ on the menu. With the price tag of around 120K before tax, I expected something special. But it was truly disappointing, in terms of the presentation and the taste.
    I think in overall, the place doesn’t give you a good ‘price to value’ ratio.

  • Daniel Prawira

    Try The Spaghetti Arabiatta, they using pork bacon and its quite spicy Jenz,, one of the best arabiatta in town beside Gourmet World @Kemang

  • paijo

    kagak enak makanannya, not recommended

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