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September 6, 2011 | Closed, French Cuisine, JAKARTA, No Pork, South Jakarta

Last month, I had a food photography assignment at a newly opened restaurant in Kemang area, located in a new catchy building designed by Tan Tjiang Ay, called Kemang 89 (just across the road from Kemang 88). I love the building design and I instantly fell in love with the restaurant design the first time I saw its high ceiling with glass walls adorned by french inspired illustrations. Madeleine Bistro serves French-inspired cuisine at a quite reasonable price. So several weeks ago, we and several friends went there for a break fasting event.

Madeleine Bistro

At first, we’re served with a complimentary ta’jil of mixed berries drink. After everyone arrived, we started to order. We shared the appetizers and desserts, and each of us ordered something different for the main course, so we can taste a litle bit of everything. We ended up ordering nearly everything from their soft launching menu. So here’s what we ordered that night.

  • madeleine-bistro-seafood-vol-au-ventSeafood vol au vent 65K
    Puff pastry parceled mixed seafood served with spinach and bechamel sauce. Good presentation and taste. I especially liked the spinach with bechamel sauce.
  • madeleine-bistro-escargotMadeleine’s escargot 65K
    Garlicky buttered snail served with duxell madeleine and sundried tomato tapenade. A twist on the classic escargot dish that tasted quite delicious and disappeared pretty quickly after it was served.
  • Soupe

  • Mushroom Cappuccino 40K
    Creamy mushroom soup served with hard boiled quail egg and truffle milky foam. To be honest, it didn’t look appealing. I think they should put the soup in a coffee cup/soup bowl to make it more interesting, instead of just pouring it into a deep and wide plate. It was delicious though.
  • Plat Principal

  • Olive-capers salmonOlive-capers salmon 110K
    Olive-capers marinated salmon roll served with cauliflower quenelle and prawn emulsion. I love this dish, especially the cauliflower quenelle that at first I thought was mashed potato.
  • madeleine-bistro-australian-striploinAustralian striploin 150K
    Sauteed sliced striploin of beef and mushroom tossed with creamy gravy. I only got to taste bits of it, but it was quite good.
  • Duck ConfitDuck Confit 85K
    Perigord duck leg, preserved in its own fat, served with fennel-orange salad. A classic and delicious dish, I really liked the crusty duck confit and the orange salad.
  • Red currant lamb chopRed currant lamb chop 145K
    Red currant mustard crust lamb chop served with olive mashed ratatouille vegetables. They ran out of lamb chops that night, so we tried this on our next visit. I haven’t tried this kind of lamb chop before, and at first, I didn’t quite sure that red currant can go well with lamb. But it turned out to be a perfect match. I love the combination and the taste complemented each other.
  • Home made Gnochi 75K
    Home made potato gnocchi tossed with mix wild mushrooms in creamy sauce. The sauce was great, but the gnocchi were definitely overcooked.
  • Dessert

  • Trio madeleine cakeTrio madeleine cake 40K
    Assorted flavors of assorted nuts, chocolate and raspberry madeleine cake with chocolate fondue 40K. This dessert is the bistro’s namesake. I tried Japanese style madeleine before at Bonjour Pattiserie. It had a smooth and melt-in-your-mouth sensation. But these trio were quite different. The texture wasn’t as smooth as the Japanese one, but the filling were surely interesting. I love the one filled with nuts, but their chocolate and raspberry ones were also good.
  • Chocolate temptationChocolate temptation 45K
    warm chocolate fondant served with pistachio ice cream and berries coulie. The presentation is interesting, but when I sliced it, the filling didn’t melt as expected from a lava cake/molten chocolate. Maybe the timing was a bit overdone. But overall, it tasted delicious.
  • Madeleine mouseMadeleine mouse 40K
    Strawberry, white chocolate and blueberry mousse in canneloni tuile. Looked good but the taste was quite ordinary compared with other desserts. 🙂
  • Macadamia semifreddoMacadamia semifreddo 40K
    This is not listed in the menu yet. Shaped like a pyramid covered with chocolate, with generous macadamia nut inside, this was definitely my favorite dessert of the night.
  • madeleine-bistro-australian-striploin
  • madeleine-bistro-chocolate-temptation
  • madeleine-bistro-duck-confit
  • madeleine-bistro-escargot
  • madeleine-bistro-macadamia-semifreddo
  • madeleine-bistro-mousse
  • madeleine-bistro-olive-capers-salmon
  • madeleine-bistro-red-currant-lamb-chop
  • madeleine-bistro-seafood-vol-au-vent
  • madeleine-bistro-trio-madeleine-cake

Overall, we’re really satisfied with the meal there. The ambience of the place is quite nice, if there’s no smokers around. Some would say romantic and there are several good spots for taking pictures. Plus, the price we paid is quite reasonable considering we’re having French dinner in a posh place in Kemang area.

Madeleine Bistro
Kemang 89
Jl. Kemang Raya 89
Jakarta 12730
ph +62 21 71794538

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  • Fooshionista

    the place looks soooo cute, and so does the logo.hehe will definitely check it out 😀 and btw, I really like your pictures!

  • Ellen Su

    really like ur pics! nais nais nais! salam kenal yaaa 🙂

  • Jiewa @ INIJIE

    Jenzzz… OMG, keren abis foto2nya. Itu pake natural light? Moodnya dapet 🙂

  • admin

    Thanks jie, makanannya yg photogenic. Iye, pake natural light.

  • Ingrid

    Expected a lot, food wasn’tFrench… No fresh baguette,no French fries,some items In main course not available, same for desserts…staff not fast need more training, table setting wrong…you get soup,spoon when you don’t order soup…etc. don’t serve Asian dishes if you are a French restaurant and put more french dishes on menu.your customers expect good French food. Nice restaurant but not for a perfect French dinner.

  • V

    @Ingrid: French fries is NOT French food. And trust me dear, those listed above ARE French food.

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