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November 22, 2013 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Makasar Cusine, Makassar

Mama Toko Kue and Es Krim was one of the places I really wanted to visit in Makassar. The place is recommended by many Indonesian culinary experts such as Bondan Winarno, William Wongso and most of my fellow JalanSutra foodie friends. Occupying an old but still in good condition Dutch colonial house, the impression I got is that the place is very cozy and homey. There’s a fish pond at the front of the premises, piano at the corner and most importantly, an array of Makassar/Bugis traditional cakes (plus some modern ones) at the counter.


Mama Toko Kue and Es Krim offers various traditional Bugis cakes that would be nearly impossible to find in Jakarta. There are songkolo, cucur bayao, biji nangka, sikaporo, toloba, barongko, roko-roko, katrisala, seruni, gogoso, etc. The names aren’t very familiar since it’s not commonly found in Jakarta. But we’re very eager to try it. So here it goes.







Songkolo (steamed sticky black rice served with toasted shredded coconut),Cucur Bayao (egg almond pudding), Biji Nangka (made from steamed potato served with sweet broth with jackfruit flavor), Sikaporo (sweet dessert made from steamed rice flour and coconut milk, served with palm sugar), Toloba (sweet egg pudding with kenari nuts topping, not as sweet as cucur bayao) Barongko (made from steamed banana smoothies with coconut milk, egg, sugar and salt wrapped in banana leaves, served cold), Roko-Roko (another sweet dessert made from steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves) Katrisala (steamed sticky rice with palm sugar topping), Seruni (another sweet dessert shaped like seruni/chrysanthemum flower), Gogoso (made from savory sticky rice with meat floss filling, wrapped in banana leaves), bayouni balu (sweet cakes that have durian custard filling, almost resembled durian pancakes).

Besides the traditional cakes, we also tried Mama’s version of Tinutuan (Manado’s vegetables porridge), es pisang ijo (Makassar specialty dessert made from steamed banana wrapped in green colored batter, served cold with coconut milk and red syrup), and their homemade ice cream. I love their Kahlua ice cream since I tried it when they had a branch in Jakarta years ago, but the Kahlua ice cream is not in stock so we tried the rum and raisin, chocolate and mocca ice cream instead… all were very satisfying.


We went to Mama Toko Kue and Es Krim twice on our visit to Makassar. We also bought home some of their specialties such as bluder tuak (made with tuak/yeast/rice wine, it looked like pound cake, with soft and slightly crumbly texture) as souvenirs from Makassar.

Mama Toko Kue & Es Krim
Jalan Serui No. 19
South Sulawesi 90174
ph. +62 (411) 3617453

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