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February 13, 2014 | Bandung, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Manado, With Pork

kantin wenang bandung

One of the most memorable moments I had in Bandung last December was having lunch with my fellow Jalansutra’s members at Kantin Wenang. The place is not exactly easy to find as it is located at the upper end of Cihampelas Road, just across the former Sultan Plaza building, on a small and steep alley called Gg. Madusni. The first door I knocked turned out to be a rented house and Kantin Wenang is right next to this house.


So I wen’t inside and it looked more like a home rather than an eatery. There’s no food display to choose from. After my friends arrived, we started to order. Everything is cooked to order including the rice (I guess). We ordered nearly everything they had in stock: brenebon soup, tinutuan, tinoransak, ayam bakar rica-rica, ayam woku belanga, babi kecap, sayur pepaya babi and not to forget the dabu dabu. Too bad their famous sate babi was not available.

kantin wenang ayam woku belanga sayur pepaya babi

kantin wenang ayam bakar rica rica tinoransak brenebon

Overall, all the dishes were delicious, not as spicy and tasty as I like, but it really feels like home cooking. We had a great time eating there, I hope I can come back again with SC to Kantin Wenang.

Kantin Wenang
Masakan Manado

gg. Madusni 1A/155B
Jl. Cihampelas belakang no.300
ph. +62(22) 2042939

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