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October 15, 2009 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, Rice, West Jakarta

Our next stop is a small restaurant perched at the front of PX Pavillion’s restaurant alley. It’s so tiny that 20 people would be enough to crowd the place. As the name suggests, Mandarin Chicken Rice only sells chicken rice. So we ordered a portion of Hainam chicken rice 28K. At first, I underestimated this place since good hainanese chicken rice is not easy to find, but it was surprisingly good. The steamed chicken was delicious with generous portion. The Hainam rice also tasted good. I think we’ll be back to this place whenever I crave good chicken rice but to lazy too cook 🙂

Mandarin Chicken Rice

Mandarin Chicken Rice
PX Pavilion @ The St. Moritz
Puri Indah
West jakarta
ph. +62(21) 5835 8587

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  • Christina

    Hi jenz…salam kenal…
    Gw senang banget baca blog km..full of information to be a foodie lover.
    Btw…promo PX sampai kapan ya ? Kudu pake credit card tertentu ?

  • jenz

    Hi, salam kenal juga. Terakhir gw makan sih masih ada diskon 30% tapi gw lupa itu berlaku sampai akhir bulan lalu apa bulan ini. Coba aja telpon kesana nanya 🙂

  • M

    Hi Jen..
    Salam kenal.. Udh lama ngikutin blog kamu tp baru skrg komen hehe..
    Aku jg nyobain Mandarin Chicken Rice tp yang di Pluit Village. Different menu, I had Pork Charsiu. Simply love it for its generous portion and clear soup..and the nice sambal, hehe.. Even I still have the meat when I finished the rice.
    Definetely will come back for more..

  • sopjagung

    Hi M, tempat Mandarin Chicken Rice yang di Pluit Village persisnya di lantai berapa dan di sebelah mana ya? Menarik nih!

  • M

    @sopjagung : Mandarin Chicken Rice ada di Foodcourt PV yang baru, lantai berapa..lupa..klo ga salah lantai 4 ato lantai 3 gitu. Kalo ga salah nama foodcourtnya FJ deh..
    Minggu lalu nyobain Duck Charsiu.. Sama enaknya.. Hehehe…

  • sopjagung

    Thanks, M!
    Gue bakal langsung ke sana kalau ada waktu 😀

  • Arun

    Apakan ada jual franchis.di luar jakarta n contac personnya dgn siapa tq… Nasi ayamnya…. Uuueeeenakkk…

  • Herin

    Hi Jens,
    It is my first time to visit your blog and read your “foodventure”.
    Anyway, I just drop by to inform you that this place is closed already. I am not sure if it was closed temporarily or permanently.

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