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April 3, 2006 | Bogor, CUISINE, International Cuisine

Last week, I had a one day trip to Bogor with some of my colleague galls, its almost lunch time when we arrived and we stopped by Kafe Mangiare [baca : manjare] for lunch. my friend, Febi recommended this place to us. Its an old colonial style house transformed into a restaurant. there’s 2 dining area, the main house and at the backyard. We decided to have lunch at the backyard.
We ordered : Sup Buntut Sapi Goreng (Fried Oxtail Soup) 42.5K, Sup Iga Asam Pedas (chili Sour Ribs Soup) 27.5K, Caserole Spagetti (27.5K), Smoked Beef Fettucini (27.5). The tasted was not bad, the pasta taste delicious. But the portion was quite small, my “sop iga asem pedas” had more bones than meat.. but overall worth to try lah…

Kafe Mangiare
Jl. Pakuan No.21
Bogor 16143

ph. +62 (251) 371450
fax. +62(21) 337 554

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  • Ronny

    Molto bello! L’alimento sembra squisito, anche.
    Mangiare means “to eat”, by the way. The dishes look good by themselves but I don’t know about serving Indonesian dishes together with pasta, hehehe, seems awkward.

  • Jenz

    Grazie Ronny, You’ll be surprise to know that they also served sundanese, chinese cuisine, manado, and european cuisine 🙂

  • febi

    Hasil foto lo memang selalu memukau Jenz, gue aja yang udah beberapa kali mampir ke Manguare gak nyangka makanannya kalo di poto hasilnya bisa menggiurkan gini, tapi bukan tampak nya doang kok yang bikin laper..rasa nya juga lumayan. Apalagi kalo di bandingkan dengan Gumati dan Kafe daun..gak banget deh, cuman menang tempat doang. Jenz, besok kalo maen2 ke bogor jangan lupa mampir ke tempat makanan pinggir jalan surya kencana..enak-enak juga, apalagi kalo udah lo poto…kereenn…

  • Jenz

    feb, yang lo maksud yang pagi2 ya? yang deket taman surya kencana itu? yang ada nasi pecel yang enak?

  • Andaliman

    gw lbh milih MP atau sekalian waroeng taman deh daripada Mangiare

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