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July 17, 2008 | Bandung, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Noodle, Rice

Mangkok Ayam
From Tizi, we moved to Setiabudhi Supermarket, which is also known as supermarket bule because they sell mostly imported goods. We’re planning to have dinner later at some place around Ciumbuleuit. After wandering for a while, I spotted a unique place next to Periplus books store.It is a small kiosk called Mangkok Ayam (chicken bowl). The interior is warm, dominated with wood, and there are chickens all over the place, from the dinnerware to the wallpaper & even printed on the lighting. I’m in love with this place instantly.

Mangkok Ayam
So we decided to have dinner here instead. From the menu list we ordered nasi hainam ayam panggang 22K and mie yamien ayam jamur 16K. Overall the taste of both meal were quite decent. I surely will be back here someday. 🙂

Mangkok Ayam
Setiabudhi Supermarket
ph. +62(22) 2037883

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  • Venny

    Gue suka banget interiornya. Mangkok ayam ditumpuk dan teh botol berderet… Klasik banget. Kalo pun mie-nya biasa aja, mungkin di gue bisa terasa enak karena di dlm mangkok ayam, hahaha!

  • chiquita

    sumpitnya juga jadul tuh..
    mangkok ayam gitu belinya dimana ya ?

  • Nadiya

    They serve delicious dim sum too. I love their lumpia udang kulit tahu. I’m pretty sure everything tastes good in this place. Kopi susu’s good, roti kaya’s good, dim sum’s always hot. Everything inside this building is interesting, really =D

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