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April 5, 2010 | Central jakarta, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, Seafood

Last month, we were looking for something to eat at Grand Indonesia. We spotted a restaurant called Manhattan Fish Market and decided to try it. The restaurant serves a variety of seafood platters. Whenever we’re at this kind of restaurants, we’ve always looked for our favorite: Fish and Chips. Luckily, this place have it in their Manhattan favorites section, so we ordered Manhattan Fish and Chips with Dory fish 59K, garlic butter rice 15K and blackcurrant ice tea 19K. The place was quite empty when we got there since it was still a bit early for dinner. Our meal came not long after we ordered. The appearance reminded me of a similar menu from Fish & Co. I didn’t taste anything special with the Fish and Chips. It was decent, but I feel that the meat texture is not firm enough and the rice only tasted of garlic. I think the one at Kemang is still the best fish and chips I had ever tasted.

Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market
Grand Indonesia, Level 3A Unit FD-06-06A
JI. MH Thamrin No. 1
Ph. +62(21) 2358 1055

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  • V

    Bentuknya mirip2 fish&Co yah?

  • Bembem

    Iya tu kan Manhattan Fish Market copy konsep nya Fish & Co. Mereka telah kena kasus di Singapore & Malaysia dimana mereka di denda sdh hampir setengah juta DOLLAR. Lagipula mereka selalu bilang konsep dari Singapore atau US padahal adalah ASLI dari Malaysia dan COPYCAT dari Fish & Co… kacau Dechhhhh…

  • MFM

    The Manhattan Fish Market memang betul juga menyajikan fish & chips, sama juga Fish & Co juga menyajikan fish & chips. Tetapi kedua concept tersebut jelas beda sekali, dari segi rasa pasti jauh berbeda. Sekarang lokasi kantor pusat memang ada di Singapura, jadi, banyak juga orang yang bilang ini adalah concept Singapura, jadi tidak salah juga. Kalau emang dibilang copycat dari Malaysia, masa sih The Manhattan Fish Market bisa menang Award terkenal? The Manhattan Fish Market baru saja menang Award INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISOR AWARD 2009, yang diberikan oleh Franchising & Licensing Association Singapore. Coba cek saja di:

  • SMH

    knp namanya gak Singapore Fish Market klo HO nya di Spore..

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