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September 1, 2009 | Central jakarta, German Cuisine, International Cuisine, JAKARTA

3 weeks ago, we tried this fancy restaurant located at Plaza Senayan. Upon arrival, each of us were given a card to be stamped when we order. If the card is lost, the restaurant will charge 1 million rupiah that will be given to charity. The interior and atmosphere of this place is quite interesting as it looks like a fresh food market somewhere in Europe. Marche uses wooden furnitures and pictures of farm life to create a cozy atmosphere, but it comes off as more artificial than real.

We found an empty table upstairs and take turns ordering. I went first and started wandering through the counters. There are bread & dessert counter that looks really mounthwatering, pizza & pasta counter, beverages counter, soups and salad, grilled meats, fresh seafood, sausages & swiss roesti. Everything looks appetizing and I wanted to order it all, but alas, I weren’t ready to part with so much money. At last I ordered only chicken chili sausage 46K with roesti 32K and a glass of lemonade 26.5K. I got my card stamped and was told to come back in 7 minutes to pick up the food. After that, it was SC’s turn, he only ordered a pan of mushroom pizza 49K.
After a while I went to pick up my roesti & sausage. It tasted quite delicious. The roesti was crispy outside and moist inside. The mushroom pizza also tasted good. I’ve to admit that the food here is great, but it’s a tad overpriced, plus we have to queue for the meal & the bill. I’ll be back to try their desserts.

Marche Restaurant
PLaza Senayan Unit Cp 500, 5th Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 5790-5856

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  • Elisa

    Harganya berapaan, jen? Gawat juga ya kalau cardnya ilang, wong gua suka ilangin karcis parkir jg:)

  • jenz

    @elisa: yg gw makan sih roesti + sosis kira2 70an (enak tapi ngga kenyang), pizza sekitar 50an ke atas. steak sekitar 100an keatas, creamsoup klo ga salah 25K secangkir kecil. kebayang kalo mo lengkap makan soup, salad, steak & dessert abisnya brapa 😀 kartunya lumayan gede kok.. jadi kayanya ngga mungkin ilang deh. 🙂

  • V

    Itu roesti yg umum di sini Jen! Begitulah bentuknya 😀 Lumayan authentic yah… sosis gulung plus roesti itu kayak nasi goreng di sini: dimana2 ada :))

  • jenz

    ooo… lumayan enak sih.. cuman sosisnya halal semua 😛

  • dinosh

    roesti spt hash brownnya amrik ya jen
    btw marche ini dulu ada di gsi, gedung sebelahan sama gran melia kuningan.

  • Evy

    hi.. salam kenal ya…
    Aku juga pesennya sama persis dgn km pas pertama kali visit marche 🙂 Mushroom pizza nya enakkkkkk and roestinya wangiii

  • novie

    Hmm.. kinda new food court concept in Indo.We have a lot of this kind of resto in Europe (NL). The name is La Place. They have a lot of fresh food plus asian food as well (but the taste just Hope in Jakarta is better!

  • sopjagung

    enak tapi harganya lumayan mahal 🙁

  • Daniel Prawira

    Just went there tonight. And I think the food here is really overrated and overpriced! Am ordering black angus sirloin steak 4 160k++ tp ga dpt side dish at all…how ridiculous is that? And it tastes bland (both the sirloin and mashed potato). The hot chocolate and pepperoni pizza is quite good. 4 the roesti and the sausage I’d rather go to die stube…reasonably priced and tastes better there. Overall for 1 soup, 1 small salad, 3 portion of roesti w sausages, 2 portion of steak, 1 seafood pan fried, 1 piece of roast chicken, 1 pizza, 1 dessert and 8 drinks I spent 2 million rupiah…and afterwards all of us still grab a nasgor kambing cos ga ada yg kenyang. whew, really not worth it! I dun think I’ll ever go back…

  • duniabiru

    menurut saya sih very pricey … price to food comparison not really worthed for the taste… will never go back unless someone’s treats 🙂

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