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November 19, 2009 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, International Cuisine

Marmalade Pantry is another new franchise from Singapore with the slogan GOOD THINGS TO EAT. Their menu varied from salad to sandwich, risotto, pasta etc. But I came simply for their dessert. On our first visit, we ordered a devil food cake 35K. The cake was still warm, topped with melted chocolate and generous almond slices. It was sinfully delicious. I surely will be back for more 🙂

Marmalade Pantry

Marmalade Pantry
Plaza Indonesia Lt.1 #E18, E19T,
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 28-30.
Jakarta 10350.
ph. +62(21) 3154374

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  • bicil

    totally mouth watering picture..i’ve got to try this..gosipnyahhh cupcakenyah super enakkk..*aaahhh..pengsan *

  • sopjagung

    @bicil: be prepared to pengsan for the second time when you see the bill 😀

  • Andrian

    buset na jangan pingsan hahahaha :))

  • Daniel Prawira

    Their rib eye steak sandwich is quite good. But the price wew quite shockin @ 120 or 130thou/portion. They also had quite good toffee date pudding though I still prefer gourmet garage’s toffee date pudding.

  • clopc

    this chocolate cake is surely delicious…enak banget!!!!!big enough to share…tapi pas gwe pergi minggu lalu harganya 40rb..untung enak 😉

  • yulianne

    enak sih,… tapi harganya gak enak.
    toffe dates puddingnya enak.

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