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September 27, 2010 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Noodle, With Pork

Last Month, I read about a place called Marutama Ra-Men from a friend’s tweet. I asked her and she informed me that it is a new Ramen place located at Central Senayan. I was quite interested, so we went there for lunch. Marutama Ra-Men can be accessed from Plaza Senayan, just go to the Foodhall and walk through Warung Podjok. You’ll find another gate to Central Senayan. There are two Japanese restaurants on that floor, but we’ve already made up our mind to go to Marutama Ra-men. The place is not big and only dimly lit. There is an open kitchen on the front. Upon arriving, we’re given a glass of still water, free of charge and free flow. Nice!

Marutama Ra-Men

The place only serves Ramen with several side dishes. There are Marutama Ra-men/Karashi Ra-men (chicken soup ramen with topping) 52K, Aka Ra-Men (7 kinds of ground nuts mixture with chicken soup – mild spicy) and Tan Men (chicken soup ramen with vegetable toppings). There were also several additional topping to choose such as Kakuni (pork belly stewed in special sauce) 24K, Char Siew (sliced roast pork) 18K, Aosa (seaweed) 18K, Negi (spring onions) 6K, Tamago (half boiled seasoned egg) 8K, lemon 8K, and Kaedama (ra-men refill) 9K. The side dish choices are Kakuni 38K, Gyoza 28K, Tori Dango (chicken meatball) 22K, Namuru (pickled radish) 12K, Yaki Char Sieu 38K, Dashimaki 39K, Daikon 20K, Charsiu Gohan 30K. So we chose Marutama Ra-men 52K with Kakuni/角煮 topping 24K and Gyoza dumpling 28K to share. The soup base was delicious even though the broth was made from chicken (tori-paitan/鶏白湯麺), not pork (still hoping to find a delicious tonkotsu ramen in town). The ramen was also tasted superb. This place definitely serves one of the best ramens I had ever tried. Much much better than Ramen Sanpachi. We will be back to try their Aka Ra-men πŸ™‚

Marutama Ra-Men

Next: Another restaurant with great Ramen.

Marutama Ra-Men
Central Senayan I Building
Basement 1 No.10BC
ph. +62 21 5724050

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  • V

    Eh? Soup-basenya ayam ya? Kok milky ya?

  • admin

    iya, itu juga yg jadi pertanyaan gw, mungkin pake tulang ayam ;)) bahasa kerennya sih tori-paitan (颏白湯麺)

  • The Gluttonista

    yuupppp I agree this one is better than Sanpachi πŸ˜€

    The Aka Ramen tastes refreshing and a bit tangy, me likey! I find the dishes here reminds me of Shanghai style cooking, with their light broth, tangy sauce and generous use of cinlantro as seen on the gyoza.

    Not to be missed is their Dashimaki eggs, that Japanese style sweet egg omelet is heavenly! Fluffy and generous in size πŸ˜€

    For Tonkotsu Ramen, have you tried Xing Xing Ramen at Grand Wijaya? They closed briefly some time ago but have been operating normally for some time now, they’re now located behind Cosmos supermarket. I find their broth a tad too salty sometimes but better than Sanpachi and I loovvvee their Nitamago πŸ˜€

  • dinosh

    jen, central senayan gedungnya dimana ya? stc senayan bukan?

  • dinosh

    nevermind, didnt read it through
    tyt msh di area ps (dkt apt nya)

  • duniabiru

    kemaren akhirnya cobain.. gile best ramen i ever ate in Jakarta πŸ™‚

    masuknya lewat food hall tuh, lewatin counter daging, entar tembus ke central senayan…

    grill pork-nya, gyozanya, dan tori dango-nya mantep !

  • Tjing2

    The soup base is a bit tasteless, which i had to add dashes of kikkoman & the ichimi wasn’t spicy enough. I asked them to bring the fresh crushed chilies which add more spiciness. Overall the ramen was superb, different as other ramen. Should come again..

  • V

    Japanese soup base shouldn’t be spicy and salty like Indonesian soup/soto.

  • Evy

    hi.. salam kenal ya. blognya mantep bgt deh.. thanks for sharing the info and kemaren akhirnya pergi nyobain ramennya, ENAKKKK… apalagi grilled char siew nya, pengen lagi2 kl gk mikirin fatnya hehehe. Thanks.

  • dr. B

    a bit tasteless…. still prefer sanpachi. i forgot to order the grill pork, will be back to try another menu there hehe

  • LIA

    kalo weekend buka ga ya?

  • tari

    I think this is the same marutama ra-men like in spore (United Square). Personally I like their broth better than sanpachi. It’s pretty delicious and refreshing, should also try their tori Karaage, nyuuum!

  • rumahmode

    i have been here..
    and it’s verry recomended

  • anteos

    Sadly, I don’t find it good.
    It tasted ordinary for me. Price is cheap but the soup its nothing to die for.

    it doesn’t taste salty on mine, I wonder why, the tamago is good the char siew is ok.

  • arciliata

    Delicious ramen but Not Extremely Great.
    This one same as the one at Asian Mall Clark Quay and the Central in Singapore.

    However, the best ramen stock/chasu for me will go to ramen santouka the central/central point Singapore. I hope they will open soon in Jakarta πŸ˜‰

  • zee

    Ada yg tau xing xing ramen wijaya skrg pindah kmana? Soalnya d grand wijaya katanya dah tutup. Thanks

  • Samuel

    Guys, i have recently tested and verified Marutama Ramen… Its REALLY EXCELLENT… I also did try the Marutama NABE… Unbelievably mouth watering and to die for. Seriously, the BEST HOTPOT that i have ever tasted in the whole of Jakarta. Highly recommended for family to give this HOTPOT menu a try.

  • nancy

    Marutama ga enak ah klo menurut gw. Jen, coba ke Rumah Bahagia di muara karang deretas sanpachi…jauh lbh enak tuh.

  • Andri

    Hi Jen, if you like ramen, try Go! Go! Ramen at Dharmawangsa Square and Akane at Crowne Plaza Hotel Lobby level. Both serve delicious ramen in my opinion. If I thought about ramen, these were the place that first came to my mind.
    Go! Go! Ramen is actually the same as the legendary Sing Sing Ramen @Grand Wijaya. They reopen restaurant under different owner and different name.
    I also enjoyed Akane for their TanTan Ramen (sesame broth) and we can get complimentary tasty chawanmushi too :p

  • Allveen

    Pity, Marutama had a mixed of reviews from peoples.
    I found it quite good and the quality is maintained well.
    I ate twice in the same outlet (eX) and it did not disappoint.
    One of my favorite beside Hakata.

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