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July 23, 2009 | Central jakarta, Central Java Cuisine, East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA

I’ve wanted to visit Mbah Jingkrak ever since they were still located at Bulungan, but I didn’t have the chance as SC doesn’t like spicy food. More than two years later, after they have moved to Setiabudi Tengah, I finally succeeded to drag SC to Mbah Jingkrak. The place was quite crowded when we arrived. It seems to be a house that is converted into a restaurant. In the main room, there is a buffet table with an array of Javanese dishes to choose from. There were also a tray with glasses of “Beras kencur” as welcome drink.
Mbah Jingkrak

So we ordered by pointing (it isn’t self service) at the dishes we want from the buffet table. The dishes are named after all kinds of devil’s names. Some of the dishes have been known to be very very spicy. I picked Ayam rambut setan with the famous sambal iblis, plus several dishes such as tahu & tempe bacem, telur pindang, oseng-oseng daun pepaya, while SC was content with a portion of Rawon. We ordered 2 portions of nasi beras merah to go with the dishes, and 2 big glasses of ice tea. All of that cost us about 70K, but it was worth the price. The dishes were delicious and, true to the claim, very spicy 🙂

Mbah Jingkrak

Mbah Jingkrak
Jl. Setiabudi tengah No.11
ph. +62(21) 525-2605

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  • limmy mama radhika dan rania

    jenz, ini kan deket kantor gue. waktu itu kita pernah order delivery ke kantor.
    temen gue ada yg makan sampe terbakar mulutnya saking pedesnya tuh sambal. hahaha

  • Md

    i think you should also try the ice drinks (es XXX).
    Despite of the unusual names, the drinks are good. Unlike the other icy drinks – you can really taste the freshness of the ingredients -and also the brown sugar’s taste are really coming out. You know that it wasn’t just syrup…

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