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January 9, 2014 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, West Jakarta, Western Cuisine, With Pork

I’ve passed this place many many times, but haven’t really bothered to try as I don’t think that they’ll serve “proper” steak/ribs. Until one day, I was browsing for places to eat on Foursquare and read so many raving reviews about its pork ribs and pork knuckle. It piqued my interest, so SC and I went there that night for dinner.


The place is located among the array of new shop houses near Farmer’s Market in Citra 6 housing complex. The design is simple but cozy enough. They serve premium beef steak (AUS sirloin, rib eye, tenderloin and wagyu) in a very affordable price 65K – 89K, signature pork ribs in regular (65-69K) and large (120-125K) portion, and crackling pork knuckle for 135K. We decided to order regular pork ribs with mashed potatoes and coleslaw 65K and mushroom aglio olio 29K. The pork ribs was very satisfying, the meat was tender and it was quite large (6 racks if I’m not mistaken) plus the sauce is not overpowering as it often happened to BBQ ribs. The aglio olio was just OK, though. We decided to go back there again for the pork knuckle.


Several days later, we’re back during lunch time, and this time we ordered their house specialty which is crackling pork knuckle 135K and garden salad 18K to share. When it came, we’re amazed by the size, it was huge. The meat was succulent and flavorful with crispy skin. The accompanying sauce was tasty but it reminds me of Bangka’s chili sauces. It was so good, we went back there again with a friend. I haven’t tried their steak yet, so I guess I’ll be back again for sure.


Steak & Ribs Specialist

Sixth Avenue J5A – 12
Citra Garden 6, Cengkareng
West Jakarta 11730

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