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October 26, 2008 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Chinese Cuisine, Closed

Last month while we’re at Pluit Junction, I noticed a nice & cleanly decorated restaurant called Menu1. The place is large and spacious, with white tile & green accent. I like the place instantly so we decided to try it. It is a Chinese food restaurant specializing in porridge, appetizer and dessert. They serve varieties of porridge, hot and cold desserts such as: sago pudding & pancakes, grass jelly ice, beancurd pudding & ice cream.

So we ordered bubur telor pitan (century eggs congee) 28K and wonton noodle 28K. For dessert, SC ordered kembang tahu (beancurd pudding in ginger sauce) 10K. In my opinion the dishes tasted above average. I was quite satisfied with the congee & noodle. The kembang tahu was also delicious, although SC complained there’s not enough ginger in the syrup. After lunch, I spotted the waiter bringing a colorful dessert, I asked the waiter what’s that, and they said it was es krim buah campur 20K, I quickly asked for one. The dessert looked very pretty, consisting of strawberry ice cream surrounded with pieces of strawberry, lychee, mango, peach & kiwi. It tasted delicious too and not as sweet as I thought. I like it very much. 🙂
Several weeks later, we went back there for their other menu. This time we ordered mango salad 18K, kari ayam Malaysia 38K, angsio kaki babi 38K, ikan asin goreng saus madu 12.8K, steamed green vegetables 15K, plus kembang tahu saus almond (beancurd puding in almond sauce) 18K for dessert. Overall the dishes tasted OK except for the mango salad. But my favorite that day was their kembang tahu saus almond. It was superb. We’ll be back for sure 🙂

Restaurant & Dessert Cafe

G/F unit 016, Pluit Junction
1 Pluit Raya Street. North Jakarta. Indonesia
ph. +62(21) 66607369

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  • Venny

    Porsinya juga keliatan generous yah Jen?

  • Herlina

    ehm, udah nyoba akhirnya Jen, menu1 ini yg satu grup ama red sapphine n cuisine2, di building yg sama pula. Kalo porsi cukup generous, tp nurut pribadi gw rasanya is just fine, kalo dessert gw tetep prefer honeymoon dessert, rasanya lebih rich. Kalo maincourse buat bubur n mie is ok rasanya. Next time coba durian gorengnya, kulitnya crispy, beda ama yg laen, enak deh.

  • rain

    wah makannya full cholesterol nih…, gmn caranya?

  • Tjing2

    We visited menu1 right after I read jenz’s review. I’m not a fan of these type of cuisine but as I read about their side dishes/dessert which provide kembang tahu and sago things, we decided to have a try. We ordered Teri saus madu which was taste delicious! It crispy yet sweet and didn’t have a fishy aftertaste. Unfortunately the almond bean curd was sold out that night, and we took almond pudding with longan instead which tasted delicate, but the talas sago I prefer Eaton Ice Talas. Other dishes we order were cakwe, bak kut teh, and Cheong Fan X0 sauce.which we tought the same dishes at Huang Ting (MTA)were a lot tastier. Overall the food are ok, but not extraordinary.The dessert also need improvement.

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