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June 26, 2006 | Aceh Cuisine, Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA

Meutia Masakan Aceh

Last week I had lunch at Meutia Restaurant in the Bendungan Hilir area. I actually prefer Seulawah than Meutia for Acehnese food, but since Seulawah have moved to Tanah Abang, we went here instead. This restaurant is very crowded at lunch time. They serve all the food in small plates just like in Padang restaurants and you only pay for what you ate.

Meutia Masakan Aceh

One of Meutia’s signature dish that they are proud of is Ayam Tsunami. They claimed that it is their original creation, but Ayam Tsunami is really just a “rebranded” Ayam Tangkap (crispy fried spicy chicken with temuruy/curry leaves 25K), an Acehnese traditional dish . I don’t understand why they had to rename an Aceh original dish after a tragedy *sigh* and there’s also one dish they called Sambal Ganja” but it is actually Asam Udang 🙁

Other than that bit of complaint, the food is quite good, although not as authentic as Seulawah’s. Other menu you should try at Meutia is Kari Bebek and a unique drink, Jus Timun Kerok. They also sell Acehnese traditional cakes such as Kue Timphan, Kue Jala, Kue Pulut Bakar & Kue Bingka.

For bigger size images, click here.

Masakan Aceh

Jl. Raya Bendungan Hilir Kav 36A No.16
Jakarta Pusat
ph. +62(21) 573 6718

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  • Herry

    “Ayam Tsunami”
    It is sooo unappropriate! No matter how delicious it is

  • toni

    please, come n try the new and redesign Meutia. They’ve get rid of unnecessary attributes ( read: personels, etc. Meutia is under new management with new taste. Ayam tsunami is just another common name in Aceh itself for ayam tangkap / ayam sampan that’s harder to pronounce. Hence it’s NOT named after the tragedy, rather than for visualization it represents in the way they prepare the dish. Please, take that explanation from the people who experiance the real tsunami.

  • K. Takada

    How to see the bigger size images? When I clicked the link, there is a Multiply’s ID and Password required for this.

  • Anonymous

    They call it ayam tsunami coz that’s what was eaten during the emergency phase, i was there, it has personal meaning to the acehnese

  • doders

    ini hari gw coba makan di sini..penasaran dengan apa yang di namakan ayam tangkap…ehm…setelah gw cobain…ternyata mnrt gw biasa aja malah cenderung ga enak..soalnya daging ayamnya alot…ga kebayang aja kalo kakek2 dan nenek2 yang makan…pasti giginya bakalan rontok smua…hehehe…gw juga nyobain kari bebeknya…nah yang ini baru enak…mpuk dan rasa kari nya endang s taurina banget de..

  • Jenz

    Terakhir gw makan di Meutia pas buka puasa taon lalu, waktu itu meutia habis renov dan kayanya pake management baru, tapi sayangnya kualitas makanannya justru menurun. Beberapa temen gw yang makan disono juga berpendapat serupa 🙁

  • Prita

    enyak bangeeettt.. lebih enak dr menu2 di rest. padang…

  • Mistermr

    oh man, i wish i was home!!! i want to eat sambal ganja just because of the name. must taste good if they secretly put in the good ingredient!

  • wawan

    menurutku yang paling enak masakan acehnya RM Aceh Seulawah..
    lokasinya sekarang di Benhil juga, tapi di depan RSAL Mintoharjo

  • ayahthari

    Hmmm..delicious,if you want to try the original recipe, please joint with me here… 🙂

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