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April 3, 2011 | Chinese Cuisine, Medan, Noodle

After that, we went to Pasar Ramai to try Ahai’s famous Mie Kangkung Belacan. My friend insisted on trying this as soon as she landed. So, we met her there where she has already ordered a portion of Mie Kangkung Belacan 25K. I got to try several bites of the dish. It was delicious, the prawn was fresh and big, plus the fermented fish paste (Belacan) worked well with the noodle. Right after that, we tried QQ‘s Mie Kangkung Belacan and proved that Ahai’s is still the best.

Mie Kangkung Belacan Ahai

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One thought

  • Lau Nua Beng

    Second that Ahai Mie Kangkung Belacan is the best of all!!!!!!!
    Must not be missed while visiting Medan…
    *droll mode on

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