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May 4, 2011 | Medan, Noodle, With Pork

Mie Pangsit Akun

On our fourth day in Medan, after the wedding sacrament, but before the reception, we went looking for breakfast. One of our friends recommended that we should go to Bakmie Akun not far from the church. So we went there and I had a portion of Akun’s wonton noodle 12K. I don’t really remember anymore how it tasted (due to my laziness to note down the taste :P), but I think it was OK, not that special but worth to try 🙂

Mie Pangsit Akun
Jl. Sumatera no.103

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One thought

  • Densy

    😀 Best mie pangsit in Medan. You should have ordered mie keriting instead of mie kasar. I came back to stay in Medan last year, and this is the only mie pangsit that could make me salivating in Medan.

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