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September 24, 2007 | Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, West Sumatra Cuisine

We went to RM Surya to try their Mie Rebus. The noodle appearance was very attractive, the egg noodle (not instant noodle) drenched with coconut soup, sprinkled with dendeng garing, some green vegetables, and topped with poached egg and pink rice cracker. With that kind of color, I expect the noodle will taste hot and spicy, but the taste turned out to be very smooth, all the spice were blend perfectly in a perfect harmony, for those who who like it hot and spicy, may add more chillies. In my opinion, for 11K a bowl, this kind of noodle was very affordable. 🙂

mie rebus rm surya

RM Surya
Jl. Bendungan Hilir No. 5,
ph. +62(21) 573-1474

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  • lira

    is it good? there is a fierce argument on this noodle on JalanSutra group, so i was really curious about this noodle…

  • Jenz

    I was curious about this noodle after reading it from JalanSutra 🙂
    To me it was good, the noodle taste was very smooth and not too spicy, kind of noodle that won’t make your stomach upset because of too much chilly. You can say the ingredients quality are good (and surely it was not made from instant noodle).

  • sopjagung

    Lira, it really depends on what you’re looking for in your food. Are you looking for a balanced combination of tastes or a dominant taste in your dish? The former is arguably harder to achieve than the latter.
    However, for lots of Indonesians who are accustomed to a strong and dominant taste in their dish, balanced dish can taste rather bland and I think that what sets off the heated debate and the call for “taste upgrade” 😀
    As for me, I wouldn’t rate it as highly as the original reviewer in JS did, but it is quite good and worth to try if you haven’t.

  • lira

    i think i prefer a balance, too strong of taste is weird for me ^^
    should try it sometime

  • chica

    wow !
    tampilannya centil ya ! gara-gara si krupuk pink nih :))
    gue penasaran banget sama mie rebus ini, kapan-kapan kalo main ke daerah saya gue pasti coba

  • icha

    kayak mie di thailand yah..dipakein santen … pasti enak lah

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