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July 13, 2011 | Beverages, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

After finishing lunch at Kushiyaki Umena Dori, we decided to visit Monolog for some coffee. Monolog Coffee is a recently opened coffee shop that is quickly becoming popular in Jakarta. The place is located in the carpark area of Plaza Senayan, facing an Italian Restaurant called De Luca. The place was buzzing with customers. Too bad most of the seats were for the smoking section. 🙁 Luckily we managed to get a table in the corner of the non smoking area.

  • monolog-dark-choco-and-palmier
  • monolog-mocha-and-apple-tart

Since we’re just finishing lunch, I only ordered a cup of mocha 9oz 38K while SC ordered Mayan inspired dark chocolate drink 38K. After that, I went to the pastry counter and ordered a slice of apple tart and a palmier 10K. I know next to nothing about coffee, but I enjoyed the Schibello coffee they used. SC’s Mayan inspired dark chocolate drink was really good. I love the spicy dark chocolate drink. The cake was also delicious, and we can’t get enough of the palmier (the inferior version of palmier is called Genji Pie in the supermarket). We’re back several days later with several friends. This time, we ordered cappucino with banana muffin which tasted so moist and delicious. I also got a bite out of my friend’s financier (almond teacake) and it was delicious too. Hats off to the Japanese pastry chef at Monolog Coffee.

Monolog Quality Coffee Co.
Plaza Senayan CP 101 B
Palm Gate Entrance
jl. Asia Afrika no. 8
Jakarta 10270
Operating hours: 7AM-10PM

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  • mika

    ditto! oh, how it’s so hard to find a place here in Jakarta that serves great coffee, but monolog coffee happen to amaze me with their coffee =x the all day breakfast is a plus too for a sleepyhead like me! and yes, thumbs up for all those pastry-delicacies!

  • YP

    went there once, tempatnya bagus tapi bising banget, mungkin salah timing ya. dan pas gw minta tolong panasin croissant gw, datengnya gosong =(

  • priz

    di Jakarta sedikit resto yg Health concious yg khusus menyediakan Non-smoking area yg benar2 terpisah dari Smoking area

  • cindy

    not good enough.. serve a coffee is very simple.. nothing special with ths place and over priced too, all opinion that too excessive i think for health think again is it health? when u keep smelling of smoke tobacco around the place.. 🙁 decend food too

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