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June 5, 2013 | Beverages, Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, With Pork

I rarely went to Kelapa Gading area since the traffic can be very bad even on weekends, yet I know that there are so many eateries to explore in the area. So when a group of hard core foodies asked me to join them there during a public holiday, I quickly agreed. While browsing to set our itinerary for that day, I stumbled upon Tony Wahid’s blog about a coffee shop called Kwang Koan. It looked very interesting, so we decided to start our exploration from there.


When we arrived, the place was already very crowded, most of the place is smoking area, but luckily we found a non-smoking table inside an air conditioned room. Kedai kopi Kwang Koan is nothing like your typical coffeeshops with fancy drinks & coffee machines. The place is pretty spartan and the owner prepares the drinks himself. There are only two types of drinks: black coffee or kopi susu (coffee with sweet condensed milk). So that’s what we ordered.

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What’s for breakfast? Well, around the coffee shops, there are several food carts selling stuff like hainanese chicken rice and mie bakso (meat ball noodles). Kwang Koan itself provides several types of bakpao (steamed bun) to enjoy with your cup of coffee. There are several fillings to choose from: pork, chicken, mung bean, soybean and peanut. So we ordered a glass of kopi susu, pork steamed bun (of course!), half boiled egg and hainanese chicken rice (with pork) to share. I like the flavor of my kopi susu. From what I’ve heard, they use Toraja coffee bean to make the coffee. It has a strong body and low acidity, plus it goes well with the condensed milk. The steamed bun was also good and my friends liked their chicken rice. Overall, it was quite a change of scenery from the coffee shops where I frequently hang out. A glass of coffee here is also very affordable and only costs about 6K/7K per glass. So If you’re in the area, do stop by 🙂

Kedai Kopi & Bakpau Kwang Koan
Jalan Kopyor Raya Blok Q1 No.1, Kelapa Gading,
North Jakarta
Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 6 am – 6 pm, Weekend 6 am to 2 pm

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  • setiadisetiadi

    Reading this review, this “Kedai Kopi Kwang Koan” reminds me of my visit at Kawangkoan, a small town in North Sulawesi early this year, where coffee drink has become local culture since long time ago. It is also a small town with a plenty of coffee houses (“rumah kopi”), some of them claimed to have been serving public since 50s. Most of them serve coffee and biapong (local name of bakpao) filled with temo (black bean) or ba (pork). Thanks for this information. May be will drop by for a glass of coffee there.

  • Adriano

    The original coffee and buns ( manadonese : biapong ) comes from Kawangkoan. There were only 4 coffee shops, but 3 still remains until now. Gembira, Sarinah and Toronata. These 3 are the most famous coffee shops and buns within North Sulawesi. They have not opened any branch, but some of the employes who only know lack knowledge of producing buns and coffee were usually hijacked. This is why buns are the most popular side snack in North Sulawesi.

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