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June 9, 2010 | Closed, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Rice

A new restaurant has just opened yesterday at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. It’s another restaurant from the Ismaya Group. This time, they offer Japanese Curry, so I dragged SC to try it tonight. We arrived early since we still have a movie to catch later on. We entered the restaurant and asked for non-smoking area as usual. The waiter told me the smoking area is in the middle of the room and the non-smoking areas are around it, but nothing separates the smoking and non-smoking areas. It just doesn’t make sense. Anyway, since it’s still early, we managed to pick a table as far away from the smoking area. The room is decorated to resemble a kitchen area, but it looked fake when compared to Kitchenette, another Ismaya restaurant.
Mr. Curry
The menu and placemat are both attractive and extensive, covering all kinds of curry rice, curry don, curry with noodle, and some selection of Indian Naan with curry. The dessert looks very tempting, but we didn’t have the time to try it. So we ordered spinach bacon omelette curry with black sauce and extra spicy 58K and katsutama curry don 48K. The well-trained waiter explained that we can customized the meal: black sauce (with squid ink) or white sauce (with tomato), not spicy, spicy, or very hot. Turned out what they call the very spicy curry is a lot milder than Sambal ABC and I can barely taste the squid ink flavor. SC’s donburi tasted OK, though he said that he have had better somewhere else. Overall it was just OK, but not something to brag for (the food or the athmosphere). I think we won’t be returning there again for a long long time.

Mr. Curry
Grand Indonesia WM Level 3A
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1

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  • V

    heh..heh… I like that you DRAG SC everywhere :)).
    BTW, so much black sauce. Isn’t it too overwhelming for the poor little omelette?
    Lastly, you’re getting amazing with your branding! 😀

  • jenz

    Omelettenya sendiri agak plain sih. black saucenya emang kebanyakan. tp rasanya sih ngga terlalu kuat.


    Love how you arrange the photo Jen! Inspirational as always!

  • Daniel Prawira

    just went there last sunday for a trial…the portion is really too small considering the price…i ordered chicken katsu curry and only got 4 small pieces of katsu…tastes too mild for my tastebud…yahh same with u jenz won’t coming back for a long time

  • Turis Indie

    I almost went there last week but decided against it since it was crowded.

  • hark

    The place looks good….. but the good really bad. The curry is very bland and watery. Not coming back.

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