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August 10, 2005 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, West Jakarta

I have planning to write about all my fav breakfast for a long time but never had time to do it untill now, below are some of my fav breakfast meal that can be found near my place.

Ketupat Sayur Padang“Ketupat Sayur Padang” (Padangnese Style Rice Cake) is Located at Slipi Jaya Traditional Market parking lot, I always bought this at least once a week on my way to office. The meal was simply delicious for me, because of its rich coconut paste, if you like hot & spicy meal then you must be like it, but some of my friend prefer “Ketupat Sayur Betawi” (Betawi style Rice Cake).

Nasi Gemuk
Nasi Gemuk (coconut rice in Jambi style), can be found at Jl. KH Syahdan (near Bina Nusantara University), tasted a bit like “Nasi Uduk/Nasi Lemak” but in a different twist. the rice was topped with chicken slice a half piece of boiled egg.

Mi Celor
Mi Celor (Jambi Style Noodle in shrimp sauce) can be found at the same place at “Nasi Gemuk”, tasted like “Eer Mie” (from Medan). Very tasty, topped with chicken slice & boiled Egg.

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  • Aiyin

    helowww ^_^
    mo nanya, lokasi nasi gemuk di seberang Binus Syahdan, atau sejajar dengan kampus Syahdan?
    thank u…

  • Jenz

    di sebrang kampus Binus Syahdan.. RM Jumbo itu loh

  • belagabego

    hehehehe nasi gemuk at RM jumbo is not too delicious, u must tried another one in Jln. Haji Senin, RM Jambi, its better than RM jumbo, but off course the very delicious one located in jambi ^_^

  • i'm lovin it

    After i eat there, RM jambi is not as delicious as RM Jumbo

  • linda

    Hey, i like ur blog.
    Masalah nasi gemuk ama mie celor yang di jambi ama yang di sini, jauh beda, jauh lebih enak yang di jambi:p

  • tukangmakan

    bener tuh, secara gw asli jambi, dah gw cobain semua nasi gemuk ama mie celor yg disini gak ada yg seenak dijambi…

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