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May 16, 2009 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, South Jakarta

Last month, along with several friends, I tried this little Japanese restaurant at Wijaya area that serves Japanese fusion cuisine. The restaurant is actually a house in which its living room has been converted into a dining area, so the place is small and can only comfortably hold about 30 persons. When we arrived, the place was quite empty with no waiter/waitress around. After a while, someone came and give us the menu book. We ordered: agedashi tofu (Japanese fried tofu in broth) 19K, healthy dinner set deluxe 1 77K which include: wafu salada (Wakame (sea weed), katsuo bushi (dry fish spread) ,carrot, and other vegetables served with sweet and sour dressing), Shio Jake Foiyaki Set (Salted salmon fish fried & baked in aluminium foil, served with “daikon oroshi” (soy sauce & radish)), Ogura ice cream and a pot of hot/cold ocha. Special Sukiyaki dinner set 55K (A hot pot of personal sukiyaki: shirataki (japanese vermicelli), Beef, shun-giku leaf, tofu, shiitake (mushroom) and spring onion), Yakimeshi dinner set 45K which came with Chicken tulip kara age (Deep fried chicken wings), Russian burger (Japanese style home made burger with cheese inside the burger) 36K. In my opinion, overall taste of the dishes here was just average, but much more authentic than Hoka Hoka Bento. The agedashi tofu looks weird (drenched in soup), the shio jake foiyaki was actually quite good, but it was a bit too salty, we have to eat it with rice. My main concern is that it looks like the restaurant only employs one waiter to serve. The dish took so long to appear and we’re still feeling hungry after we finished all the meal. 😛

JL. Cipaku 2 /16, Keb Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12170

ph. +62 (21) 7269751
Open daily Monday – Saturday, 11am-9pm

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One thought

  • V

    Is that tofu ‘soup’ in the picture the agedashi tofu?
    Funny, now I’m inspired to make tofu soup, hahahah!

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