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February 4, 2016 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, No Pork, North Jakarta

About 2 weeks ago, I saw a restaurant called Nama Sushi at the garden area of Baywalk Mall Pluit. At first I thought that this was just another sushi restaurant so I didn’t pay much attention. But after I read that Nama Sushi is actually managed by my favorite restaurant Sushi Masa (read the review HERE), I wanted to try it. So SC and I went there for lunch last week. We arrived early, so we easily got a table. We didn’t order much that day, we only ordered their hiyayako (chilled tofu topped with katsuobushi and seasoned with soy sauce) 10K, sake chazuke (Japanese tea rice with salmon topping) 45K and ika sugatayaki (grilled fresh squid) 50K. We really enjoyed our lunch that day. Although the portion was small, I really like the chilled tofu, sake chazuke and grilled squid. We decided to return to try some more.


So last Sunday, we’re back again for lunch. It was not yet 12 o’clock, but the place was already quite full (a queue even formed about an hour later). This time we ordered mix carpaccio (thinly sliced sashimi appetizer) 35K, hiyayako (chilled tofu) 10K, california maki 35K, ebi tempura maki 35K, salmon maki 35K, ika sugatayaki (grilled squid) 50K, zaru soba (cold soba noodle) 35K, age tofu dengoku (tofu qith miso glaze) 15K, oba tempura (fried oba leaves), sake chazuke (salmon tea rice) 45K, toro salmon kushiyaki (salmon belly grilled stick) 20K, tori negima teriyaki (chicken and green onion stick in teriyaki sauce) 20K, saba shioyaki (grilled mackerel) set 70K and niku soba (buckwheat noodle with beef) 75K. As expected all the dishes we tried that day were really great. I enjoyed all of the dishes especially the sake chazuke, zaru soba, ika sugatayaki, kushiyaki and the em>saba shioyaki set.


  • nama-sushi-mix-carpaccio
  • nama-sushi-hiyayako
  • nama-sushi-california-maki
  • nama-sushi-salmon-maki
  • nama-sushi-ebi-tempura-maki
  • nama-sushi-ika-sugata-yaki
  • nama-sushi-tori-negima-teriyaki
  • nama-sushi-toro-salmon-kushiyaki
  • nama-sushi-obha-tempura
  • nama-sushi-niku-soba
  • nama-sushi-zaru-soba
  • nama-sushi-sake-chazuke
  • nama-sushi-saba-shioyaki-set

I believe Nama Sushi has a bright future ahead just like Sushi Masa. The dishes tasted really delicious with reasonable prices. No wonder so many people don’t mind walking that far to reach the place and queue for entry.

NAMA Sushi by Sushi Masa
Baywalk Mall Pluit – Garden 1 Tunnel Area
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu Blok B1 Utara
Pluit – North Jakarta 14450
Phone +62(21) 29263569 / 29072008

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