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December 29, 2015 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, With Pork

Last week, several friends and I went to this newly establishment restaurant at Elang Laut PIK called Nan Hwa Fishboat. I’ve been eyeing this place even before it opened as I found the exterior quite interesting: a row of three-story shophouses designed with white vintage window shutters usually found only in chinatown shophouses. Turned out, it is a Chinese restaurant with traditional steamboat as its specialty. Since they’re still in their soft opening week, there’s a 20% discount for food and beverages, so we decided to try it.


Nan Hwa Fishboat originated from Singapore and has been in business since 1927 serving fish head steamboat. However, the newly opened branch at Elang Laut have no fish head steamboat in its menu. There are only several selection of fishes to choose from for the steamboat, along with various Chinese dishes. Back in my hometown, we used to have steamboat every Chinese new year, but it has been a long time since I last ate one using old-school steamboat and I’d never eaten fish steamboat, So I was excited to try it.

That night, we chose to have red snapper fishboat (Medium) 282K + additional enoki mushroom 25K. We also ordered some dishes like cereal prawns 88K, oyster omelette(s) 92K, three cups chicken(s) 56K, stir-fried 4 types of vegetables 56K, spicy squid 60K and fried prawns with pumpkin puree 88K.


The red snapper steamboat arrived with a generous portion of fish meat complete with Chinese cabagge, taro, coriander leaves and tang-oh vegetable. I think they have also put some dried salty cuttlefish in the broth along with some fish sauce. I like the fish steamboat but I found it a bit on the salty side.

  • nanhwa-jakarta-4vegetables
  • nanhwa-jakarta-udang-saus-sambal
  • nanhwa-jakarta-udang-saus-labu
  • nanhwa-jakarta-three-cups-chicken
  • nanhwa-jakarta-oyster-omelette
  • nanhwa-jakarta-cereal-prawn

From the dishes we ordered that night, I especially like the three cups chicken as it was delicious with a strong chinese red wine flavor. I don’t really like the oyster omelette, as it was too dry and the oysters was sparse, though the omelette was nicely seasoned. The prawns in both prawn dishes we ordered tasted somewhat bland and not as sweet as I expected. The other dishes also tasted ordinary.


All in all, I enjoyed the steamboat but couldn’t say the same about other dishes. Also, given the price and food quality, I think it was quite pricey. I haven’t tasted the one in Singapore so I can’t compare the two.

Nan Hwa Fishboat
Jl. Elang Laut, Blok C No. 11 to 12
Pantai Indah Kapuk

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