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June 12, 2015 | JAKARTA, Malaysia Singapore, North Jakarta, With Pork

Bak kut teh is booming among pork-eating areas in Jakarta. In just 12 months, no less than seven restaurants specializing in bak kut teh have opened. Some serve Singaporean style bak kut teh with Teocheow style peppery soup, while some other are into Malaysian style bak kut teh with Hokkien style chinese herbal soup. As a fan of Malaysian bak kut teh, I’m always excited whenever I see such restaurant, so when a place opened recently at Pantai Indah Kapuk called Nanyang Malaysian Klang Bak Kut Teh, I was determined to try it.


We went there last weekend for lunch, as there was still a 25% discount promo during their grand opening week. It was not as crowded as we thought it would be since lunch hour has passed. They serve dried bak kut teh and bak kut teh soup with lots of meat parts to choose from. I’m excited that they have yam rice on the menu. This the item I always look out for in bak kut teh restaurants. I found a place called Datin Ong in Medan that serves it. We ordered claypot soup 18K (soup, beancurd skin, mushrooms, lettuce) with additional bak kut (肉骨) 68K. We also ordered a bowl of yam rice 18K, fragrant rice 9K and steamed tofu 35K along with a pot of pu erh tea 35K.


Our meal arrived not long after we ordered. I especially like the yam rice as it was savory with generous addition of roast pork cubes, ebi (dried shrimp) and lap cheong (Chinese sausage). The bak kut teh was also good, although I prefer a stronger herbal soup.


We returned here a few days later with SC’s parents and ordered claypot soup 18K with sui kut (small bone) 16K and teng kia (layered intestine) 50K, braised mui chai 43K, Nanyang vinegar pork trotter 75K, vegetarian popiah 25K, yam rice 19K and a pot of pu erh 35K to share. This time, their herbal soup tasted stronger than the first time. The yam rice still has its charm. Their other side dishes were average though and a bit pricey considering the portion, but I love the earthy flavor of the pu erh tea.


  • nanyang-bakuteh-suikut-teng-kia-claypot-soup
  • nanyang-claypot-bak-kut-teh
  • nanyang-yam-rice
  • nanyang-vinegar-pork-trotter
  • nanyang-braised-mui-chai
  • nanyang-steam-tofu
  • nanyang-vegetarian-popiah

This is not the best Malaysian bak kut teh I have ever tasted, but I’ll always be back for it’s Yam rice.

Nanyang Malaysian Klang Bak Kut Teh
The Gallery, Blok 8 CE – CF
Jl. Pantai Indah Utara II
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta

Opening Hours Mon.-Sun. 10:00-22:00
Ph. +62(21) 30010557 – 30010577

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