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March 31, 2016 | Bandung, INDONESIAN CUISINE, West Java Cuisine, With Pork

I’ve been a fan of nasi bakmoy ever since I first encountered it in my university canteen years ago. It’s a simple Javanese dish with Chinese influence, consisting of warm rice topped with chicken and bean curd cubes drenched in savory broth. I heard later that nasi bakmoy originally used pork instead of chicken, hence the name “bak” (pork meat) & “moi” (porridge). I wanted to try the pork version, but never found any in Jakarta. Eventually, a friend told me that there’s a place in Bandung that sells pork bakmoy.


The place is called Lotek Mahmud. It is not easy to reach as it’s located on a small alley that can only be reached on foot or bike. Guided by the trusty Google Maps, we parked nearby and walked there. It’s a very simple eatery situated on the front yard of a house. Their specialty is of course lotek just like the name suggested. Lotek is just another variant of gado-gado (Indonesian mixed vegetable salad) consisting of blanched vegetables served with peanut sauce made on order and topped with prawn crackers.


So we ordered the lotek as well. It was delicious with fresh vegetables and I like the coarse texture of the peanut sauce. But my favorite was definitely their nasi bakmoy. They served it in a plate instead of a bowl. The appearance was very simple, only topped with braised meat and bean curd cubes, no boiled egg. The taste was also clean, not too rich but still very tasty. I like to add some chili paste to my plate to add some spicy kick. It was a warm and comforting dish.



Besides lotek and nasi bakmoy, they also offer some Javanese dishes like various rujak (Indonesian spicy mixed fruit salad), gado-gado, kangkung petis, tahu petis, nasi lengko, nasi bakut and many more. If you’re lucky, you can get freshly fried rengginang (rice crackers). Just grab them to enjoy with your dish.

Lotek Mahmud
Jl. Mahmud lV, No. 9
Phone +62(22) 6010347

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 8AM – 4PM

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