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October 21, 2012 | Bandung, INDONESIAN CUISINE, West Java Cuisine


Before heading back to Jakarta, we had lunch at a place called Nasi Bancakan. It is apparently quite a popular place, so it was swarmed during lunch time. Nasi Bancakan serves Sundanese dishes in a ‘Kampung’ / old style ambience. The food is served in buffet style, so we get in line, grab a tin plate and start loading our plates with whatever we want. I was looking for some nasi liwet, but it was already sold out, so I took nasi timbel instead. There were lots of mouth watering dishes to choose from, so I had to control myself not to grab them all. I picked some oncom (fermented peanut press cake), tumis genjer, paru goreng and spicy potato dishes. For drink, I went for something sweet called es goyobod (traditional palm sugar iced drink mixed with young coconut bits and pudding made from hunkue/mung bean starch). There’s also a free flow hot tea you can pour yourself at the drinks corner.


After that, we went looking for a table to sit. Most tables were full, but no worries, it’s common to share tables with other guests at the long wooden tables. The dishes I picked turned out quite good. I enjoyed it very much. By the way, you can also find kue balok on one of the corners if you want to try some traditional cakes that were already hard to find elsewhere. One thing I noticed was that the price we have to pay was quite steep. SC & I paid about 70K for our meals, but I guess we’re also paying for the ambience. Nevertheless, it was worth a try. Just don’t come here when you’re famished, you’re going to regret the damage to your pocket.

Nasi Bancakan
Jl Trunojoyo 62
ph. +62 (22) 4203650
Mon – Sat : 10.00 – 22.00
Sun : 09.00 – 22.00

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  • Fendy

    I haven’t been there for a while, but last time when there the price is still okay..But next time you go , you should try the black squid it taste so good

  • leo

    Biasanya kalo dish ginian, gw liat rata-rata udah dingin yah.. soalnya diliat ga pake pemanas di bawahnya.

    And the other thing is, price manipulation… hehe..

  • EsJe

    The price doesn’t match the quality of food here, you can find similar food almost anywhere in warung style eatery in Bandung. Too much hyped I’d say.

  • Aryani

    Hi Jen, been silent reader for a while. Quiet surprise for the price. Been there many times and the price always cheap.. Thought they changed it recently 🙁

  • Jose

    Was there with my husband and the food was not cheep. Last week ago we was there and they charged 160 for two person. I think it was not cheap better go to bumbu desa etc.

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