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April 2, 2007 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima

Last week we tried the famous “nasi goreng kebon sirih” located at kebon sirih road, besides nasi goreng kambing, they also served : sop kambing, sate ayam/kambing etc. Their speciality is in their fried rice : cooked in a very large pan using samin oil and if i’m not mistaken : some indian curry & spices. the mutton was cooked separately then added to the pan. served with fried shallot and melinjo crackers, you can also asked for a plate of acar if you want. The dish cost us about 16K for 1 plate of nasi goreng kambing & 10K for sop kambing. While I think this nasi goreng is delicious but a bit pricey & overated 😛 SC love their “Sop Kambing” which taste & smell so “kambing” to him 🙂

Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih

Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih
Jl Kebon Sirih Raya (after pertigaan jalan sabang & kebon sirih)
Central Jakarta
Opening Hour : 05:00PM

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  • venny

    SC love their “Sop Kambing” which taste & smell so “kambing” to him 🙂
    Huahahahhahahaaha :)).

  • Chopi

    Coba NGK jen, dekat dengan gedung ANTV, imho nasgorkam and “sop-nya” lebih maknyuss yg disana.

  • Reza

    You’re right on it being overrated. I think it’s a tad too greasy for me. And I’m a guy who likes grease 😀 he3x. The last time i went there, my food was dreched with oil :P. Best place for NasGorKam + Soft Lamb satay is NasGorKam near the dharma wanita building in Setiabudi area. Near that Mulia Tower where the ANTV TV station resides, opens till 12. Definitely a must try if you love lamb fried rice.
    To Chopi: sama ga sih sama yang loe maksud? ada sopnya ya? he3x never tried it. Yang sebelah kiri jalan kan ya? Pake spanduk kuning. Emang Ueeenak asli. Bule aja doyan. 😀

  • Chica

    Bener kata Reza dan Chopi. Yang di belakang Dharma Wanita emang lebih enak.
    Yang sebel di sini cuma tempat parkirnya yang susah.
    Jadi kapan nih Jen kita marathon nasgorkam ? *wink*

  • jenz

    yuk yuk chic, tapi tomyam dulu ya 🙂

  • Chica

    Jadi Jen !
    Gue juga udah ajak Nat, dia mau tuh nemenin kita makan Tom Yam 😀

  • chopi

    @Reza, bener sama di situ, parkirnya emang nyebelin, but worth it lah. Ada satu lagi my favo for kambing2an “M.sani” lokasi di tanah abang, ada “gorengan kambing”, sop, sate, nasi rames kambing, recommended banget !!! 🙂

  • vreez

    gimana2 masih paling enak nasi goreng di Medan jl.pandu

  • wawabear

    Jen, kudu coba Nasi Goreng kakilima MPR, di deket Fatmawati situ…enak bangetttttttt! Masih kebayang nih nikmatnya plus tahu celup!

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