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September 6, 2013 | Bandung, INDONESIAN CUISINE, No Pork, Rice, West Java Cuisine


From Lawang Wangi, we went to Boemi Joglo for dinner. The place is located at another part of Dago hillside and is quite tricky to find but after several wrong turns and asking around, we finally found it. The place is located at a very steep slope, but of course it got good views like all the restaurants in the area. I just hope that the food is worth the effort (hey! I can’t eat the view)


According to my friend’s recommendation, Boemi Joglo is known for its delicious nasi liwet (Sundanese savory rice dish cooked in a pot with chicken/mushroom/anchovies with lots of kemangi/Asian basil), so that was what we ordered along with a portion of tempe mendoan, sate maranggi, pepes oncom and pepes tahu.


Nasi liwet is traditionally cooked in a pot called panci kastrol, but nowadays most restaurants use clay pot. I think it’s different, since with panci kastrol you can scrape the crispy and slightly burned rice at the bottom of the pot which I think is the best part of the dish. With clay pot though, the rice just stick to the bottom and didn’t have that crispy and tasty goodness. Other than that, Boemi Joglo’s nasi liwet was actually quite good, tasty, and flavorful with a little spicy kick.

  • boemi-joglo-nasi-liwet
  • boemi-joglo-sate-maranggi
  • boemi-joglo-pepes
  • boemi-joglo-tempe-mendoan

Their tempe mendoan were just so so and so are their sate maranggi and the pepes items. All in all, it was a good nasi liwet but I’m still looking for authentic nasi liwet served in panci kastrol. I heard that Ikan Bakar Cianjur restaurants have such a dish.

Boemi Joglo
Jl. Ranca Kendal Luhur No. 17
ph +62 (22) 2501344

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  • rina

    yes….. Nasi Liwet IBC is one of the best

  • Tika

    Dulu banget (sbelum gw married dah rasanya-jadi skitar 6 thn yg lalu), nasi liwet mereka disajikan di panci kok, Jen… sayang skali skarang dah diubah pakai claypot.. jadi beda memang..

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