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June 24, 2009 | Bali, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima, Rice

One of our “must try” destination in Bali is nasi pedas bu Andika. Although this nasi rames (mixed rice) style is not Balinese and more likely to be Javanese, it was worth to try as it’s very hot / spicy. A few years ago, a friend told us about this place. Back then, it was only a small stall dubbed nasi bu polsek because the owner sold it near Kuta’s police station every night. But now, they have a semi permanent place across Supernova minimarket. This time, we tried it during lunch time. We can choose anything from the displayed dishes plus the famous chili sauce. The price was quite affordable, but we ended up sweating nonstop because of the hot weather and very very hot dish 🙂
Nasi Pedas Bu Andika

Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika
Jl. Raya Kuta Gg. Kubu 120C
Across Supernova minimarket – Kuta
ph. +62(815) 583 18187, +62(813) 3872 8749

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  • anteos

    nasi pedas is one of the most talked food in bali. but its only for tourist that didnt know more about nasi campur around bali.

    try sari bali, its located at jln. legian, and another branch at the dewi sri inside a small alley. its the best nasi campur in the whole world. you need to give it a try.

  • mae

    hmm.. only came once, and will never came back.
    The staff ( a fat man) are very rough, the service was very unpleasant, the taste is sooo ordinary, nothing special in here- AT ALL.

  • sopjagung

    I’m not a fan of spicy dishes, so I might be biased. Still, I seem to note a general tendency among chili lovers to tolerate average food simply because the sambal is super hot or super delicious.

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