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December 30, 2009 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Rice

I’m very picky when it comes to nasi tim, I hated nasi tim that is too mushy or too sweet. So far, my favorite nasi tim is the one sold near Taman Palem’s traditional market and Nasi Tim Pasar Pagi. Last week, when I ate at a noodle stall located at Petak Sembilan’s market, an elderly patron who sat in front of me ordered a portion of nasi tim and cracked open a boiled duck egg (I suspect he brought it from home). His portion of nasi tim looks very interesting, plus he asked for some chicken skin in his soup, and then put some spring onion and cilantro into the soup. I want that too! Unfortunately, I’ve already ate a bowl of noodle, which, by the way, tasted good. Later, he told me that the place serves a very delicious nasi tim that will always be sold out by 8AM. The next day, I returned here at 7AM and ordered a portion of nasi tim with some chicken skin in my soup. It was delicious. The rice was not too mushy, the chicken chunks were generous and they also added some Chinese black mushroom. The soup was real chicken broth soup, not MSG-laden soup usually found at noodle stalls. And to top off my excitement, this delicious meal only cost me 11K. 🙂

PS: their noodle, siomay and bakso goreng are also worth to try

Nasi Tim Bakmi Loncat

Bakmi Loncat
Jl. Kemenangan Raya
Petak 9 no.27a

ph. +62(21) 9277 0962
hp. +62(812) 816 1441
Operating Hours : 6.00 AM – 12.00 AM

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  • veny

    setuju Jen baso gr & siomay worth to try , aku sering beli baso gr nya & suikiaw nya . yg ngetop aslinya suikiawnya , tapi nasi tim aku lom coba , pasti aku cobain . THx for rekomen
    pangsit kuahnya juga OK !

  • Reza

    Hi Jenz, Sorry to keep asking you the same question. Would you happen to know if it contains pork or lard? It looks so yummy.

  • jenz

    Hi Reza, I’m afraid so. This place is famous for its pork noodles, siomay & meatball. If you’re going to eat at pancoran/glodok area, you better ask first before ordering. 🙂

  • Gildo

    Uuuufff, saya kalau ke Indonesia, sering makan nasi tim, makanan bersih. Habis suka sakit perut, terlalu banyak sambel.
    Salam kenal

  • Reza

    Aww…man, too bad. Oh well, I’ll just try that peanut soup from your other post. 😀 Thanks a lot Jen. Always a pleasure to read your awesome blog.

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