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April 30, 2010 | Betawi Cuisine, Beverages, Bogor, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Kaki Lima, Rice, Sundanese Cuisine

Bandrek Susu From Ny. Lily’s place, we moved to our next destination: Nasi Uduk Bansus located at Bondongan area, Bogor. It’s a famous kaki lima seller that opens after dark. It was already crowded when we arrived. I noticed that this place was quite different from other kaki lima places. It looked clean and hygienic. In the beginning, they only sold bandrek (warm Sundanese beverages made with ginger and palm sugar) & bandrek susu (bandrek with milk), but later on, they added the Betawi-stylenasi uduk (rice cooked with coconut milk) with all its accessories that quickly became local favorite.
Nasi uduk Bansus

The eating method here is self service. All the dishes were lined up on the table ranging from fried chicken, fried tofu, tempeh bacem, empal, paru to sate jengkol. The nasi uduk were wrapped in a triangular shaped banana leaves. All of it looks very tempting, but since we’re already quite full from the previous places, I only took some fried bihoon, sambal goreng kentang & sate jengkol to accompany my nasi uduk. Overall, it tasted delicious. The rice was fragrant and the dishes were superb. We also ordered a glass of bandrek & bandrek susu which both tasted warm and delicious. I think if I’m not that full, I’ll go kalap and eat everything 🙂 It was also very very cheap, I forgot how much exactly, but it was more or less 30K for the four of us.
Nasi uduk Bansus

Nasi Uduk Bansus
Jl. Pahlawan Empang
ph. +62(251) 8314650

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  • V

    djenkolism! ahahahhah!

  • selina

    Interesting way to serve dishes! Maybe it’ll be a good spot to visit next time I go to Bogor. Thank you!

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