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December 14, 2009 | Betawi Cuisine, Central jakarta, CUISINE, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Kaki Lima, Rice

Nasi Ulam Misjaya
Over the past year, I’ve tasted several kinds of nasi ulam whenever I’ve stumbled upon them. Yet, none of them was as good as Nasi Ulam Betawi Misjaya located in front of Toa Se Bio Shrine at Glodok area. It opens on late afternoons and is never lacking in customers. One day, I managed to have a bite there. It was quite packed, but luckily, there was an empty table in front of the shrine. I ordered a portion of nasi ulam with semur tahu & salty squid 12K. The rice came in a full plate consisting of steamed rice topped with fried bihoon, sliced cucumber, chopped fried peanut, fried shallot, salty squid slices, semur tahu, drenched in semur soup, topped with kerupuk, emping and kemangi (lemon basil). The taste was delicious and not too sweet. Too bad I didn’t spot the chili jar until after I’ve finished the meal. I bet it would make the dish taste even better 🙂

Nasi Ulam Misjaya
(in front of Toa Se Bio shrine)
Jl. Kemenangan III

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  • Daniel Prawira

    Wow the famous nasi ulam toa se bio. Gile g pdhl ga trlalu sk nasi ulam loh jenz, cuma nih nasi ulam yg bs g mkn trs2an. Msh seenak dl ga jenz? Skrg brpan yak seporsinya?

  • febee

    nasi ulam ini neh jenz yang gue gak pernah nemu..pdahal gue beberapa kali ke toa se bio. besok jumat gue mau ke petak 9 rencana nya, ntr kalo gue udah sampe sana gue telp lo yah tanya di mana jual nasi ulam ini..

  • jenz

    Misjaya bukanya sore2 Feb, menjelang jam 5. klo pagi yang jualan soto tangkar

  • Mr. HaN

    One of my favorite places to eat around Kota area… I managed to drive there every 2 weeks to have nasi ulam there 🙂
    Great report Jen

  • via

    jens, lebih enak nasi ulam yang di Jalan Terate, Jembatan Lima. Namanya nasi ulam Bang Kumis.

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