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March 5, 2016 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, No Pork, North Jakarta

Nelayan Seafood Restaurant is a Chinese seafood restaurant that has been around for a long time. It has always been SC’s family go to place for decades. They celebrated birthdays, weddings, and basically any event where a large gathering is necessary. Last month, we decided to have our Chinese reunion dinner there too, since it was more efficient to eat there rather than going through the hassle of preparing lots of dishes for lots of people at home. The food here is always reliable and the price package for that night was acceptable at around 3500K/table (if I’m not mistaken) for an 8-course dinner that can feed up to 10 people. So long story short, these were what we ate that night.


The first course we had is Yusheng (鱼生). Actually this is quite a new tradition to me. I think we’re copying the tradition from Chinese people living in Malaysia/Singapore. It was basically Teochew style raw fish salad consisting of salmon slices, various shredded vegetables and served with assorted toppings like crushed roasted peanuts, lime juice, ground white pepper, five spice powder and many more. Each ingredient has its own meaning and we should toss the dish high with our chopstick while saying “lo hei, lo hei” (撈起, 撈起) repeatedly to symbolize abundance and prosperity for the coming year.


After Yusheng we had a platter of cold dishes consisting of cold jellyfish, thousands years eggs, crab sticks, roast duck and chicken slices. It tasted good especially the spicy jellyfish, although I found it quite unusual to serve kani crabstick in the platter.


Next came fried noodle. Noodles are always served in any kind of Chinese celebration dinner as it symbolizes a wish for longevity. I always like Nelayan’s fried noodle as it was seasoned properly and the prawn always tasted fresh and tasty.


The next dish we had was sea cucumber (haisom) dish. I think this was the most expensive dish we had that night. The sea cucumber, whole shitake mushrooms (hioko) and green vegetable were cooked in oyster sauce. It was a rich and delightful meal, and we savored every piece.


Next we had hot and sour soup. As we always refused to eat shark’s fin, we opted for the hot and sour soup. It tasted delicious, especially with a dash of black vinegar in it. Plus it is much cheaper than using shark’s fin, which has no nutritional value and is only added for bling.


After that, came a plate prawn mayonnaise and soft shell crabs in salted egg yolk paste. The prawn was fresh, covered evenly toasted sesame. The soft shell crab also tasted good, but the salted egg yolk was a bit bland.



Last we ate steamed fish. This is a mush-eat dish in Chinese New Year eve as it symbolizes the saying “年年有余” (Niánnián yǒu yú) that means May you always have more than you need!, plus the steamed fish in Nelayan’s never disappoints.

For dessert we had some kind of chinese cold dessert with lots of mandarin oranges. They also served us with Nelayan’s signature dessert which is jian dui or in Indonesian we called this onde-onde. It is basically fried pastry with black bean paste filling. It was delicious while hot, but if you let it cool too long, it becomes rather chewy and quite oily.

We had a memorable Chinese reunion dinner at Nelayan Seafood Restaurant this year and we’ll have many more meals here in the future.

Nelayan Seafood Restaurant
Jl. Karang Bolong Raya No. 8
Jakarta 14430
Phone +62(21) 6900660

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