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January 12, 2012 | Closed, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, No Pork, Noodle, Rice, Seafood, Tangerang


Last month, my favorite sushi joint opened another branch at Alam Sutera, Serpong. During their opening week, they offered a 55% discount, so naturally the place was swarmed by sushi fans including us 🙂 We went there on a Sunday afternoon, but arrived at nearly 3 PM as they are about to take their rest period. So we decided to return later. I made a reservation for dinner at 5:30 PM then went to Flavor Bliss for a cup of coffee 🙂


When we returned, there was already a small queue outside the restaurant, even though it haven’t open yet. So we decided to wait, and luckily I met my old office mate, so we can chat while waiting. When they opened, we’re given a table at the second floor. Since they’re still new, I heard that the service could be a little slow. But luckily we’ve managed to pre-order some of the menu first, so we didn’t have to wait long for our order to show up.

  • umaku-chawanmushi
  • umaku-ebi-tempura
  • umaku-sake-aburi
  • umaku-sake-sashimi
  • umaku-toro-tataki
  • umaku-unagi-sushi

So that night, we’re having some of my favorit dishes at Umaku: sake sashimi 39K, sake aburi sushi 25K, unagi sushi 32K, toro tataki 39K, ebi tempura 37K, scallop grill tobiko 31K and chawanmushi 11K. Overall the dishes were fresh and delicious, just like what I have tasted in other Umaku joints, although their ebi tempura could be made more crispy. And most of all, with a 55% discount, we only spent about 110K for all those dishes. Super cheap considering what we ate, but even without the discount, the prices would’ve been still be very reasonable. All in all, we’re very satisfy that night. We wish for Umaku’s success and we’ll be back again soon.

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