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August 14, 2011 | Events, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, No Pork, South Jakarta

Last weekend we participated in JalanSutra’s Break Fasting event held at the newly opened Umaku sushi joint, located at Duren Tiga – Mampang. Since I’m a big fan of Umaku in Cibubur, I was really excited now that Umaku is getting easier to reach. I still need about an hour to get there from my home, but hey, that’s Jakarta for you. It’s much bigger than the first location at Cibubur, able to fit in about 50-60 persons comfortably, with a sushi bar occupying a quarter of the place.

The event started with Capt. Gatot Purwoko, the owner of Umaku Sushi, presenting his culinary adventure with Umaku’s head chef (Chef Uki) to Japan. The session was interesting because there are many interesting facts and tidbits about Japanese cuisine. Hopefully the head chef can make use of the experience to create more interesting dishes for Umaku. 🙂

The cost to join this event is 75K per person, which included eight courses of Japanese dishes. We started with Takjil (dates and sweetened hot tea) to break the fast, then continued with Edamame as the appetizer. Sashimi was served after that. The menu card said that we’d get Salmon Yuzu Miso, Maguro (Tuna) & Aji (horse mackarel), but we were informed that the maguro was not available, so it will be replaced with Toro (tuna belly), Yayyy!! I love the sashimi dish. Everything was fresh and I felt no need to add soy sauce or wasabi to my sashimi. The salmon yuzu miso already had a light seasoning, which I like because it was not too overpowering. After that, we were supposed to have the sushi, but I think the sushi bar was a bit overwhelmed with having to prepare sushi sets for more than 50 people at the same time, so the Yakimono came ahead of the sushi. For the Yakimono, we got grilled shishamo and 2 types of robatayaki. All were delicious and well-seasoned. After that, came the okonomiyaki with we shared with others in our table. I’ve eaten okonomiyaki several times, but they were all too sweet for my taste. This one is perfect with the right mix of sweetness and saltiness. The okonomiyaki has generous shavings of bonito flakes with lots of octopus and ginger pieces hidden underneath the pancake batter. The sushi finally came and we got 6 types of sushi in each plate: various raw nigiri, aburi nigiri and 3 types of fusion rolls including one of the my favorite Umaku’s rolls. It was delicious, of course, but I think the rice made me full. After that, we were served Ginza roll, a special style hand roll, which kind of looked like the Japanese version of lemper, but tasted very different. The two last items were miso soup that consisted of shitake and wakame, and a delicious scoop of macha ice cream.

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We’re already very full, but I couldn’t help myself to ask for their specialties that I read in the email the other day. The owner and chef graciously let me tasted that. I got to sit at the sushi bar to watch Chef Uki prepare the Unagi sushi. It was no ordinary Unagi sushi as it was sprinkled with sansho (aka Sichuan Pepper or Andaliman). I was advised to eat it using my hand (not chopsticks). It was delicious, with a surprising minty aftertaste. To top that, the chef gave me a complimentary ginza roll, this time it consisted of shishamo, which we must eat as soon as it was served or it’ll get soggy.

I was informed that Umaku serves Omakase お任せ (a Japanese-style degustation menu, in which we eat whatever the chef decided to serve us) for a very affordable price starting from 135K. However, anyone interesting to try it should call ahead before coming for Omakase. In my opinion, Umaku is still one of my favorite sushi joints, with a very reasonable price and quite authentic menu. If you’ve never been to Umaku, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the food and later on, the bill 🙂

Umaku Sushi
Jl. Duren Tiga Raya no.32
South Jakarta
ph. +62 21 791 703 37

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  • Tephy

    All of those yummy foods for only 75K??


  • Sayourie


  • Jackleko

    Nice Resto , Japanese taste and reasonable price . Suggestion : place direction & resto name in entrance street.

  • Lydia Arlini Rianzi

    I’d like to try it soon…

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