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January 18, 2013 | Malaysia Singapore, Medan, No Pork, Peranakan cuisine

Back to Medan’s review, we’re meeting my brother and his wife for lunch. I initially suggested that we go to Wak Noer but it turned out the place was closed that day. So after consulting with Leo from, we decided to go to M&R Restaurant located near Sun Plaza at Kampung Madras. I’ve been wanting to visit this place but the last time I was here, it was closed.

Rest M&R Khas Malaka - Medan

M&R is a restaurant that serves peranakan / nonya cuisine which is a blend of Chinese cooking techniques with herbs/spices commonly found in Malaysia/Indonesia. We ordered gurame kencong (deep fried gourami topped with spicy chili & torch ginger sauce) 75K, belut cabe kering (fried eel with dried chili) 35K, ca cai tahu (homemade tofu with salted mustard green sauce) 20K and taucho kepah (mussel cooked in fermented yellow soybean) 40K. Overall I love all the dishes, I especially like the taste of the gurame kencong as I’m a fan of anything cooked with kencong/kecombrang/torch ginger. I also like the smooth texture of the tofu and the ca cai sauce. Their belut cabe kering and taucho kepah were also delectable.

Rest M&R Khas Malaka - Medan Ca Cai Tahu

Rest M&R Khas Malaka - Medan Gurami Kencong

Rest M&R Khas Malaka - Medan Belut Cabe Kering

Rest M&R Khas Malaka - Medan Taucho Kepah

M&R Restaurant
Khas Malaka

Jl. Taruma no.37
Medan – Indonesia
ph. +62 (61) 4536537 – 451 7063

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  • leo -

    hehe.. ga konsisten sih ini jen masakannya, beruntung yah elu dapat yg enak 😛

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