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May 23, 2006 | Chinese Cuisine

Last week I visited “Noodle Cafe” at MTA for dinner, this was my second visit. My first visit in 2005 was not very impressing, but I decided to gave it a second try. The restaurant was not very full although its dinner time, I decided to order “Egg Noodle with Shrimp Wonton & Crab Meat” 21.5K and “Longan Ice” 12.5K. The service was improved compared to the last time i was there, but not the meal. I didn’t quite like my noodle, the crab meat had no taste ( a little bit fishy), the soup was too savored (kelewat gurih euy, gw ga mau mati kegurihan) and the vegetable wasn’t very fresh. I guess this was just another fancy looking cafe.

Noodle Cafe

Noodle Cafe
Mall Taman Anggrek Lt.4 E 22A
West Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 5639090
fax. +62(21) 5639151

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  • Sasha

    You got it right bro(‘tul sekale), gue coba tuh mie disana, karena penasaran ama gemerlap placesnya, I order mie roast ducknya, busyet, I pitty my own jaws, it taste like herb instead of roast duck, ooowww man I can’t image I must pull half of my strenght just to chew the duck meat, (berani terima tantangan untuk fitness you punya gusi, silahkan coba roast duck noodlenya 🙂 🙂 he he he. really really not recommended-lah. mie yang dibawahnya noodle-cafe TA, taste a lot more better. kalo ngak salah namanya apa ….Bay gitu.

  • sopjagung

    Hahahaha, setuju banget! Noodle Cafe emang nggak enak. Kalo lagi di Taman Anggrek dan pengen nyobain fancy noodle, mendingan makan ke Huang Ting atau Canton Bay atau Da Niang deh.

  • hadasa

    First impression was very bad in food taste, because in the morning I already ate noodle so I want take fish (their new promotion menu).
    The fish serve very late, my friend already half finish her noodle.
    I asked many times for that fish. I wait for 20 minutes for that fish.
    About the taste very terrible.
    I prefer go to Canton Bay better taste, about the price is not much different than Noodle Cafe.

  • Obet

    Just another fancy looking 😀
    Kalimat yang tepat sekali.
    Dateng kesini berharap bisa makan Udon yang enak kayak di Shabu Tei.
    Udonnya tidak kenyal dan seperti tidak ada rasanya.

  • Afuk

    I merasa tertantang utk coba roast duck, sekalian utk jaga2 awak pesan minuman yg manis2 utk netralisir itu mih punya rasa, begitu pesanan dateng awak endus2 dulu :), koq ngak ada wanginya yach, nih apa awak yg lage flu, yach akhirnya coba 1 mouth-full tuch, tetep ngak ada wanginya, semua bumbu masukin, try lagi, ooow man my instant noodle at home taste better, netralisir mulut dgn minuman awak, duduk2 bentar…then go down stair for real meal….rost duck ngak ada rasa tetep awak makan cuma terima tantangan only. 🙁 not again

  • sopjagung

    Amazing! The comments on Noodle Cafe are unanimously negative, I wonder how long they can stay that way without any improvement…

  • tuyulijo

    Yang gue inget, dagingnya dikit banget dan itu makanan bisa 30 menit baru keluar.

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