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October 17, 2005 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, Noodle, West Jakarta

We visited 3 different chinese restaurant at MTA last week and tried 3 kind of noodle they served. The first restaurant was “Noodle Cafe” – very crowded, we ordered “egg noodle with wonton & roast duck” (21.5K) , have to waited for half an hour just to know they put the wrong order on our table 🙁 the food taste was not very special, not recommended lah 🙁

Then we decided to go down and visited “Canton Bay” and ordered “Dry Noodle with Lo Duck and Lo Pork” (24K), it tasted much better than the first one, good service too :).

After that we noticed that there is a new restaurant opening called “Huang Ting”, operated under the same management with “The Duck King” and “Imperial Chef”, so we decided to tried it next time we go to MTA, last night we came there and ordered “Noodle Soup with Shui Jiau Wonton”(26K). not bad – for that price, the noodle texture was perfect.. mmm after that we ordered “Xiao Long Bao”(16.8K).. delicious… i’ll be back hehehe :),

Noodle Tasting
Noodle Cafe
MTA 4th Floor E 22A

ph. 021 5639090
fax. 021 5639151

Canton Bay
MTA 3rd Floor no. 349

ph. 021 5639127
fax. 021 5639128

Huang Ting
MTA 3rd Floor #G05-G09

ph. 021 5639478
fax. 021 5639376

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  • radiolinja

    Diantara 3 tempat itu, cuma Canton Bay yang aku pernah coba. Yg aku makan: Cold Chicken Noodle. Mie dingin disiran saos kacang & ada suwiran2 ayam + sayur. Enak! Cobain deh kapan2 🙂

  • Jenz

    thx, udah pernah nyobain tuh cold noodlenya, cuman pas terakhir kesono tuh di buku menunya yang cold noodle ditutup stiker, ga tau deh masih ada apa nggak skarang

  • sopjagung

    Hehehehe, ternyata gak cuma gue yang bilang cold chicken noodle enak 😛

  • Jenz

    iya deh say… kapan2 kita coba lagi deh cold noodlenya

  • kere kemplu

    kami tadi sekeluarga ke sana, bisa tukar2an rasa 🙂
    sayang gak ada yang nyoba cold chicken noodle. mi bebeknya enak kok. tapi lumpianya ya jelas lebih enak lumpia basah vietnam yang bungkusnya diisi udang kayak di tempat lain 🙂

  • Jenz

    cold chicken noodlenya sih kayaknya sih emang dah ngga ada…. minggu lalu sempet kesana lagi… pelayanannya masih lelet aja tuh… makanan sih ok lah.. 🙁

  • Afuk

    Haiyaa.. I pernah liat tuh Manager disana dijitak tamu waktu pembukaan CB dulu, karena waiternya salah kase nomor meja, kasean bener jadi manager restaurant yach, jadi sumber uneg-uneg tamu terus

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