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April 26, 2010 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, West Jakarta

Nuzzys Mousse and Resto
I read about this place in a Detik Food article and was quite interested to try it. So last weekend, on our way back from Inacraft 2010, we stopped by Central Park Mall for lunch. After asking for direction at the reception area, we headed to the place across Tribecca park. The place was empty when we arrived and we’re the only customer there. We asked for the non smoking section and they actually had no specific area for smoker/non smoker, so I guess we’re lucky that there’s no other customer there.

Nuzzys Mousse and Resto
I started to order Seafood Saffron Paela 55K to share with SC. Since they specialize in mousse, we ordered a chocolate mousse for dessert. After a while, the paella came and it was quite delicious although the portion was too small for us to share. After we finished the dish, we considered ordering pizza, but decided not to overeat and asked for our dessert. When the mousse came, I was quite confused since we ordered chocolate mousse but the dessert came in a glass with red sauce. The waiter confirmed that it is a chocolate mousse with raspsberry sauce, so we accepted it. The taste was quite delicious, sour and refreshing, though the raspberry kind of overpowered the chocolate mousse. Overall, it was just OK, not something to die for.

Nuzzy’s Mousse & Resto
Central Park Mall, Tribecca GF#15
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav.28
West Jakarta 11470
ph. +62(21) 83838201
fx. +62(21) 56985336

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