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February 2, 2012 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, No Pork, Yogyakarta

That night, we decided to go a bit upscale and went to Omah Dhuwur restaurant for dinner. From the pictures in their website, the place certainly looked great. So, we make a reservation and went there. The entrance screams of grandeur, but when we were ushered to our reserved table on the back of the restaurant, it looked downright desperate. The rain was pouring hard and the lighting were too poor to even look at the food/menu. So we requested to sit inside, which at first they refused by saying that they are renovating. But moments later, they gave us a table in a rather gloomy room. Still, it was better that sitting outside surrounded by mosquitos.

Omah Dhuwur Restaurant

There were 5 of us and we ordered several menu to sample. From the menu we picked: sate kota gede 60.252, sop buntut ala Omah Dhuwur 60.252 and gurame grontol 65.252. For the beverages, we went with a pot of hot cammomile tea, wedang OD 13.252, wedang sari jahe 13.252, wedang kapulogo 13.252 and ice lombok 13.252. Our drinks came first, and the most surprising one was my ice lombok, which tasted a bit spicy and decorated with a bird’s eye chili.

  • omah-dhuwur-gurameh-grontol
  • omah-dhuwur-kripik-singkong
  • omah-dhuwur-sate-kota-gede
  • omah-dhuwur-soup-buntut

We also received a complimentary basket of kripik singkong (cassava crackers) and it was delicious. Sadly, our orders turned out to be disappointing. First the gurame grontol tasted horrible and not fresh at all. The meat kind of smelled and we suspected it was stored too long in the fridge. The vegetable accompanying it was also bland. The sate kota gede & sop buntut were just average. Overall it was not a pleasant experience. Since the price were quite high, we had high hopes for the dishes & ambience but it was wide of the mark. Their waiters didn’t seem to be aware of our disatisfaction since they didn’t ask us anything about the meal that we didn’t finish. 🙁

Omah Dhuwur Restaurant
Jl. Mondorakan No. 252 Kotagede

ph. +62 (274) 374952
fx. +62 (274) 374952

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  • Chiquita

    Gue pernah juga ke sini dan menurut gue yang sukses cuma si ice lombok. Makanannya gagal total

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